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  1. Breathing

    i have done the lower one as well actually, that came first. can do it there too now.
  2. Breathing

    recently during my meditation I have developed a different kind of breathing. Normally when my physical body breaths, my body is moving with each breath; shoulders, chest, belly. When i meditate, it feels as if there is a different layer to me who starts breathing within. I breath in an out which i can feel in my upper part of lungs (middle dan tien) are that moves with each breath within, but its separately from my physical body, which in fact i believe stops moving with this breath. as if a separate me is breathing inside me that isnt my physical body. I get completely absorbed in this and takes me to a very deep meditation. I can actually feel this outside meditation as well. What kind of breathing is it?
  3. Karma in relationships

    I can understand the frustration when you are on the "hurt" end. but what I usually think in these cases: -we don't know exactly how they feel or things happen in their life so our perception is just that. a perception -They may be getting it hard in other part of their lives, certainly not something they will share. this may happen long after the person is hurt, as with everything this is also in balance, what goes, comes back. maybe not straight after ,but always does. -the "hurt" part come from within because lets say a break up says rejection to the person or says something about the person that we don't want to face and it hurts. but we make it an external thing and say: it was him/her who hurt us. think about what it says about you instead and why it hurts. and comfort yourself. -we get too entangled with the feeling. I am able to set it aside, I know its there but refuse to deal with it. and as with everything, nothing is static, so it will pass unless you cling to it. Really all I am trying to say is disregard what happens to the other person, that is his/her business, don't mingle with their ming. karma will pay back eventually. you need to make sure to understand what the hurt says about you, accept but don't engage with the feeling and be busy until it passes.
  4. tao and relationships

    I have read and re read all comments 3 times hoping to gain some wisdom out of it, and some feedback opened my eyes.. Certainly there is some food for thoughts I really like the phase " if you feel lonely , you have power to change it". maybe I have been going on about it the wrong way! Change we can make is within. Maybe I am not so lonely but make myself so for some reasons ? Maybe what I am looking for externally isn't out there but within. Maybe being in state of "beyond love or hate" is better than feeling the emotional rollercoaster I used to have. Maybe the block is with me instead of them. Lots of questions in my head. questions tao may answer in time. I still do hope to be able to feel and be in love one day.
  5. tao and relationships

    I do know quite understand about the "parts" Daryl. can you please expand? thank you
  6. tao and relationships

    I thank you for your kind words. I believe this situation will change naturally when time is right and I have accepted that when kids grow up I will seek my own path. I know hugging him will not change as to how i feel about him ( which is like a young brother, though he is older lol). Maybe meditation has caused me not to feel "love". of course I love my children, but for the rest of people around me I am just good with. is it normal to feel so..blank? detached?
  7. tao and relationships

    This will be a very personal post for me so please be constructive in your respond I would be very interested to see how one can maintain a relationship while focusing on meditation. I have had great results from meditating every day. I am living in the now. I don’t stress, I let things just happen, and everything around me is harmonious. I am happy person no matter how cloudy the day is. I understand things are at times down , then up and I let myself be carried by it without touching the core of me. The only area I haven't felt any improvement is my personal relationships. At work I am respected and treated well. I have "friends" I can catch up with every now and then. I am married but my relationship broke down and we are just two adult live together for kids, nothing more. But also I have found that meditation has changed me and I see/feel/believe things others around me don’t. I feel I am different from other humans (honestly sometimes I feel total alien). Therefore I find it difficult to form any close bond with anyone. At times the human side of me wishes a hug or some understanding but this just doesn’t seem to happen. Generally I am OK with being lonely as I know it will be as it will be, no force will help it. I wonder if this is the case with others practicing internal alchemy or I am really just a weird one ? Do you/Did you change as you got deeper into practice and did it have any impact on your personal relationship?
  8. To be or not to be

    In this situation its hard to be patient. it will happen, you will find a job of course, the frustration is that you don't know when. things always fall in place when it needs to, so I think you need to accept to be patient till the time is ready for you. positively believe that it will happen, there is no other way. positive thinking will create opportunities. Look for it every day, but stay positive and carry on the best as you can. another little tip that has worked for me: during meditation focus on getting a job that is just right for you. wrap the thought up as a present and send it out. repeat it every day. I know it sounds like magic but it worked for me now, worked for my colleague and everything I have wished this way has come true. a manifestation of positive thinking of magic who knows lol good luck!!
  9. Hi all. Anyone has an experience with focusing on middle dantien? Damo's book also says that women should focus on the middle after lower dantien is established. Would like to hear from anyone doing it regarding on how they find it. thank you
  10. First attempt at healing!

    Hi Aletheia. I also live in UK London. I am learning golden pill and healing from someone in south. If you are interested in healing I can direct you to him, just PM me. I have healed some people as well but as I haven't reached golden pill, I am still using my own qi, so I am careful who I touch. but yes healing is very rewarding I have found my family hasn't been ill since I am practicing healing qi gong.
  11. Sitting meditation not comfortable

    wow guys thank you for all your feedback. I will certainly try out some of these. my meditation cushion arrived yesterday and already found it much better. just need to try different things to find what is right.
  12. Sitting meditation not comfortable

    half lotus. without back support. though at times when i have to straighten leg (only left goes numb), i rest my back against a bed.
  13. Sitting meditation not comfortable

    I have been doing it for a while now and have completed my orbits. I do spontaneous qi gong with a master so I am at the right level doing sitting meditation.
  14. Hi, I am new on this forum so i might be repeating an old topic. I am really trying hard to be comfortable during sitting meditation. I have been sitting on a pillow but probably on a wrong one. today i invested in a meditation cushion so hopefully it will help. My problem is the I get backache, I catch myself collapsing and my left leg goes numb and i need to straighten once in 1 hour. I usually mediate for 1 hour and would like to be able to concentrate on other things than my leg going numb or my back is aching or feeling uncomfortable. At time i do manage but not usually takes 30 min to get there. any expert tips how to make meditation more comfortable? I understand lying down isnt an option? thank you
  15. Wave

    Thank you!