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  1. What are you listening to?

    Janet Janet & my literally antique fan (1970's model!)
  2. tao and relationships

    Please don't be sorry, anyone in this thread. <3
  3. It`s sad to look at Westerners

    Was waiting for that. Was illin' in the heat of my personal sweatbox in the barrio. Noted. Also had blessed rain and got the temp in here a pleasant 64F. <3
  4. It`s sad to look at Westerners

    Windwalker, was definitely confused. My sincere apologies. Thank you for being so gracious about it, and clarifying, for me.
  5. Where can I buy legal psychedelics online?

    Firstly, in the states, anything that opens the mind and grows wild, denying pharmaceutical corporations profit is highly illegal. Secondly, tripping is highly recommended with a guide or babysitter, for the inexperienced. Thirdly, consider, with an experienced Shaban to brew and guide you. You may have to go outside your country of residence. There are consequences to any action. You'll regret not gathering more information and thinking through this idea, several times. In the end, you may change your mind.
  6. It`s sad to look at Westerners

    Windwalker, you go from natural to modern technology. Ever lived on a farm? Here's what's natural: rape, bisexuality, multiple births, infanticide by mothers of sick, abnormal, weak offspring, and of the healthy by other males and females. It's the selfish gene. You may read it. You want natural, stop taking synthesized analgesics, antibiotics, BP meds, anything else like that. Breed in your hut or in the bush, birth there, too. No modern, store bought soap, shampoo, razors, bread and slaughter your own meat. I could go on... In the natural world, sickness and disease run their courses.
  7. It`s sad to look at Westerners

    WTF? Just... No. That was low. You know why the Rasta grew long hair and twisted it? So the imperialist whites would leave them alone. The imperialists dreaded talking to the natty (nasty) locked men. Hence, natty natty dreads. Beyond that, no one died and left you in charge. If you don't like someone's looks, don't look. Personal attacks like that are b.... moves. /rant
  8. Https in the Dao Bums too

    Actually, the thought of a member doing something like that didn't cross my mind, but yes, that's one scenario. Or a very young future IT security guru honing his or her skills. Not all parents can afford to provide home labs for their kids.
  9. tao and relationships

    Too bad that thread is for women only. I bet some... Or a lot...Of men feel that way. Please let me know, when you feel an answer. Ultimately, my marriage dissolved. Fine. It was a sham, anyway. But yes, a hug would be nice. I can get sex from a multitude of people, but I don't want just a physical release. I can do that for myself. And anyway, I guess I want too much. It would be nice if the emotional/spiritual connection was more than fleeting.
  10. Hi shad. I've really missed you. I wish I had a better answer, but this is all I've been able to do, with my own traumas: breathe deeply. Remind myself that that was then, this is more. Reflect that all I've experienced is what makes me who I am today. Gratitude that it's over. Compassion for myself and those who induced the trauma. Forgiveness, when I'm able, willingness to be ready to forgive when I'm not. Most abusers have been abused or witnessed abuse. Realizing this makes compassion possible. Compassion makes a willingness to forgive, at some point, possible.
  11. Karma in relationships

  12. That's a likely scenario, but mistaken that it's the only way it could happen.
  13. Https in the Dao Bums too

    Um, I'm pretty sure you'd feel differently if someone grabbed your pw through an insecure session and started posting kiddie porn from an IP address that was yours (spoofed, ofc).
  14. Karma in relationships

    Eh, idk, sometimes stuff just happens. But I have observed that yes, some people have less conscience than others, some ignore conscience, and some are just darned good at faking (pretend).
  15. Alex Jones deserves props!

    It's not just the Catholic Church. It's in Evangelical, nondenominational, Baptist... Oh hell, let's be honest. 1, it is a sickness, and recent German research suggests that the age of victims preferred often corresponds to the perpatrator's mental age. Note the word is "often," not "always." 2. Pedophiles position themselves to be around children, often as an authority figure.