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  1. Hi, I'm a bit cautious of posting here for fear of asking questions that have been asked a million times. But please just point me in the direction of a good thread or good link or book and I'll read up, As I briefly mentioned in the intro post I've been meditating for about 5 years now and been doing Tai Chi for just over a year. Discovered chi and moving it around well actually before I started doing Tai Chi, but that certainly boosted it. Now can move things around with will and in all sorts of directions and getting good practice with dan tian work. (it's like discovering another leg at the age of 42 that I never realised was there all along..) Over the last 5 years I've been doing a lot of reading through all sorts of philosophy ending up all the way from Stoicism through Zen to Taoism. Along the way reading lots of Alan Watts, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu etc etc. I've been doing a bit of further work on chi while meditating (with some knowledge built up reading Damo Mitchell and Bruce Frantzis and others) - I guess it would fall under the banner of Neidan. I have a couple of questions based on the above: 1) Reading around a bit it appears Frantzis isn't that well regarded (certainly my Tai Chi teacher doesn't rate him) but I liked his concept about Water Meditation and dissolving areas that feel blocked. I can understand dissolving outwards and also (his water approach) dissolving inwards. Are there any other resources around that I could read about this? I find it really interesting as a concept and finding good early stage results. 2) Off the back of the above I've found when meditating if I focus on my lower dan tian I can feel a flow of energy moving upwards through my whole body (like a waterfall moving up, or that I'm sat in a funky sci-fi type of flame...), What is this and does anyone know of anything similar? I'm thinking it's just another flow of energy in the body that my brain has tuned into and can now feel. Last question - I'm in the UK - anyone know of any good teachers here for meditation? My Tai Chi Teacher is awesome for martial arts but meditation isn't his thing. Thanks
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    Hi Everyone, Just signed up as I've been reading a few posts on the site. Been meditating daily for about 5 years and over the last couple of years have taken up Tai Chi (practicing daily) and read through a lot on Taoism (from the Tao of Pooh, Monkey, Deng Mind Dao, Damo Mitchel, Bruce Frantzis all the way to some Alan Watts). Keen to learn more on here. Ben