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  1. the magician of java

    Thank you for the advice Zeus. It is much appreciated. Artiss
  2. Hello!

    thank you
  3. the magician of java

    It is sad to read that. I wish John Chang would continue to teach Kosta. Though I don't know the reasoning behind John's decision so I cant be mad. My respect goes to both of them. Well, I will continue applying the the hints Kosta left in The Magus of Java and Nei Kung and when the time is right hopefully I will come across a teacher who can train my brother and I in the internal arts of true Nei Kung. Thank you Zeus for your response, Artiss
  4. the magician of java

    So Kosta is no longer associated with John Change and Nei Kung Practices? Could you please elaborated on this. Do you know why? And how did you find out? Thank you. Artiss
  5. Hello!

    Hello everyone, I actually signed up for this site a while ago and never went any further with it. But I have recently been getting back into meditation and figured this site should be able to provide me with useful information. Either way I just wanted to say hi. Thank you for your time. -Artiss p.s. if anyone has any information regarding Kosta Danaos, John Chang, Nei Kung or a Nei Kung teacher around the Berkeley California area it would be much appreciated. thanks again.