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  1. Concerning Jade

    Also I heard that jade is associated with kidneys. Best regards, Kara
  2. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 59

    Thanks a lot!
  3. Tea/Tisane

    In winter I love to drink Jin Jun Mei tea - its has rich fruity aroma, and delicious tase. As for oolongs -I do like Taiwanese oolongs, they are really great. Best regards, Kara
  4. Natural (non toxic) Cosmetics

    Hello. I also tend to use natural or green cosmetics. In terms of shampoo I like Logona, and Weleda shampoos. As for skin lotions, creams and tonics - better to do a self-made cosmetics based on corneotherapy principles. Best regards, Kara
  5. I agree. Lying or not lying is not a simple choice of morality. If practice is genuine, then it should change a person inside, and he or she would not consider anything from the mind, but will think and decide by heart. The more pure heart is, the less person could lie, up to the point when a lie would become uncomfortable physically. Best regards, Kara
  6. Feet baths

    Warm bath for feet is beneficial for the health in terms of cleansing. Warm water helps to activate blood circulation , and open up energetic channels, hence energy flow activates too. Which in its turn, helps to get rid of bad chi from the body. However, it should not be done straight after or before meal, also not if alcohol was consumed and if too tired. Best regards, Kara
  7. What are you listening to?

    Thank you! Beautiful song.
  8. Why are you searching?

    I am searching because this is my soul's inner wish - and also an awareness (or inner knowledge so to speak) that life is finite and not much of it is left. Regards, Kara
  9. Socrates on the Importance of Physical Fitness

    Thanks for this thread, find it very useful and interesting!
  10. Summer Salads

    Chinese crashed cucumber salad is great for hot summer weather.
  11. Haiku Chain

    But then... who's to say If empty. Ten thousand things became the One.
  12. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Noble has humble as its root,High has low as its foundation. . . . Dao De Jing
  13. Location of Heaven and Earth When Horizontal

    If consider triad in human body, then heaven is a head, earth are legs, and man is a body between these to. Best regards, Kara
  14. Self-massage Qigong

    Self-massage Qigong can be beneficial. I've seen a good self-massage activating the gull bladder meridian - tapping down the legs outside for 5-10 minutes. This to be done better during the first half of the day and not later than 20:00, I believe. Regards, Kara
  15. Art and Realization

    I agree with that. Nature is an art indeed. And art and inspiration come from the abandunce of energy.