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  1. Let's be meaningful and polite here

    When a child wants to pick a flower from the lawn saying "it is just one flower, there are a lot of flowers there, nothing would change", his mother says him: "What do you think the lawn would look like if everyone thinks like you picking "just one flower"?" So if Taoist Texts can post such offensive images - then everyone can. Imagine what the forum would look like in this case. His behavior simply provokes others to do the same. Isn't it what trolling is about? I vote for everyone to obey the same rules and for moderators to help us all refrain from anything that would be offensive to another person.
  2. MCO and Zhan Zhuang

    Few my friends who have practiced MCO have had a bad results. I've even heard about few students got mentally ill after doing that practice. But probably it is individual. I think if everything happens naturally then it is ok - I mean not moving qi with your thought but some route opens naturally. Funny thing - right below in "linked messages" section: Help! Lost My Desire to Socialize after doing Mantak Chia's Microcosmic Orbit. What do I do now?
  3. Let's be meaningful and polite here

    I want to say. I like this forum very much, and I would like to thank all the crew doing nice job! But I was expecting a respect from the taoists here and not such offensive posts: And I was even unable to give any answer to that as my further posts were being deleted.
  4. Let's be meaningful and polite here

    Well my posts were deleted by "Taoist Texts" as well. He doesnt seem to be meaningful and polite to me. I can see of no reason why his behavior gets no response except the case if he is a forum admin.
  5. xin heart mind

    Cool. Thank you! It is exactly how I feel in practice.
  6. xin heart mind

    By the way guys do you feel heart being in the left as it being taught in anatomy or is it closer to the middle of the body?
  7. Why are my posts being deleted?

    Kar3n, I've just found one more removed message, written you in PM. Thank you for your help!
  8. Why are my posts being deleted?

    Ok. Now I see. Thank you!
  9. Why are my posts being deleted?

    Ok so no point in continuing talking there. I will create my thread to be able o discuss the questions raised. Could you please restore my deleted posts and either copy them here or PM me? I haven't saved them on my PC.
  10. I was writing in this thread: Could you please explain me which forum rules have I broken? And if no - please restore my messages. I have a post limit and don't rememer the exact contents of them.
  11. Liu Huayang

    awaken do you at least know who E.A.Torchinov is? And if you say he has mistaken in translations from ancient Chinese can you please point out his mistakes to us? Please remember he was a PhD and Professor in Saint Petersburg State University. I am not saying he is a taoist teacher. But he is a greatest scientist - almost all Russian taoists have learnt his translations and respect him greatly. And his translations are a standard for every translator from ancient Chinese! Why do you trying say anything against him?
  12. Liu Huayang

    Man, aren't you aware of Orientalism science? Evgeniy Torchinov was a PhD in Orientalism (specifically in Taoism) and a greatest Russian specialist in ancient Chinese. His researches are also well known in China, he has been several times invited to participate taoist conferences in China. Do you have orientalist education at least to judge?
  13. Liu Huayang

    I'm not sure I got you well. Did you name PhD Evegniy Torchinov an amateur in Chinese? With all his works on ancient Chinese being accepted and approved by scientific community? In this case I can see no way for you to be right in translations anymore.
  14. How to have "ego strength" without ego

    I think having ego is wrong anyway. Everyone should try to get rid of it as fast as posible.
  15. If you want to practice with me

    Do you mean you are creating your own school right now?