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  1. Greeting, good people! Well, my apologies if I start this topic unusually, but I come here at a slight emergency for advice. I have to be blunt here - I am 19 days into semen retention practice, and my head feels like it is going to explode. I am do not know if this is healthy. I understand that I am completely ignorant about practice of Dao, and do not know much about it. So, I am sorry if I am simplifying it to Semen Retention, as it is the burning issue at this moment. At one point in my life, around the end of 2014, to the beginning of 2015 i started with drastically reducing ejaculation. Since January, 2015 I've been doing this with ups and downs. No sex (due to the circumstances). I just felt it instinctively so to say - I just had to stop with it. I could not do it anymore, it was making me very weak and drained, and I felt very bad. But the problem is, that, since then I am not able to put myself into balance. I understand that Dao requires a certain practice of meditation and understanding. But I do not know much about it. The resources I had were Mantak Chia's work, and Lao C - Tao Te Ching, and the experience of people from NoFap community on Reddit. At this moment, I am already 14 days into a struggle with the excess energy. There is a constant burn in my genital area. At this moment my head feels like there is a lot of pressure inside. As I do come here as a complete beginner on this, I am asking for an advice - where do I begin. What do I do. This is almost becoming hardly bearable. I thank you for your help! All the best! Vladimir