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  1. Hello my fellow brothers and sisters, My name is Tim, and I am very excited to be apart of this wonderful community. I am from San Francisco, CA and I am practicing qigong under the Heavenly Essence Qigong System or also known as Zhang Gong as developed by Grandmaster Zhang Hong Bao. I am in search of other practitioners like myself and hope to build a community in which we could grow, develop our practice together, share our insights, and perhaps meet and collaborate with various ventures may it be in business, in workshops, or in practice! I am also curious if any others our there are practicing under the same lineage as myself? I wonder if anybody know my Grandmaster personally or could point me into a direction in which I could learn more as to what kind of person he was? There seems to be some texts, like Qigong Fever by David A. Palmer, but everything else seems to be biased or in Chinese... Looking forward to hearing from you! Much love and blessing, Tim