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  1. Hello everyone and one question

    Hello Guys, 31 years old male from Buenos Aires....That is Argentina, South America. Oh well, I am in a kind of a problem..... I spontaneously awakened kundalini 4 years ago (or so it seems), After reading books about Wilhelm Reich and Lowen I realized I was what they call a massochist. I could identify myself with their description almost 100%, I realised that without that, my life would have been so much better and I guess that breaking things (cheap useless thing), masturbating in a good average way and the emotions I felt made me awaken it. After 2 weeks of having awesome energy, crying for almost nothing, and having 1 to 3 full body orgasms every day with big vibrations feeling like there was no difference between the universe and me, and kind of feeling that the body now was much more intelligent than before (for example: when seeing bad looking strangers at night that look like thieves I would usually stress for a moment and energy would stuck in my abdomen/chest for a few seconds, this time energy went directly to the arms and legs to prepare to fight/run and after the supposed "danger" was away, energy would just go back to flow everywhere,,,, everything would flow perfectly) But I got very worried about an unrelated health issue and being worried stopped my energy. Then afer the health issue was not important, I thought I could get my super energy back....But No. Soon afer that, the hair of my head started falling (includes back and sides) I am healthy (all tests are ok) and I am sure it is related somehow to the kundalini awakening, I have to get it back.(the kundalini and then, hopefully, the hair). It falls just like Male pattern but in the whole head. Trying to have the full body orgams again I did the "big draw" of Mantak Chia: I did the big draw for a week, I was feeling great with a lot of energy. Not as much and all the time like with the kundalini but it was still good and kind of similar. Then I decided to cum, the orgasm was bad and felt exhausted after that for many days. I am still very tired, feel like crap and my orgasms suck. I am not doing the big draw anymore but If I try I run out of energy soon. If I put music and start feeling my energy I will get tired soon. It has been 5 months. What did I do wrong? What can I do now? PS: I only realised it was a kundalini awakening like 4 months ago, I used to think it was just what wilhelm reich says (his description of being healthy is kind of similar to kundalini awakening)