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  1. So you are looking for real Buddha which you will not find. Better study suttas.
  2. You couldn't learn simple A-B-C without teacher and you want realize Tao without teacher? LOL. If you are the best teacher for yourself then why you needed whole society to bring you up to this point ? smh. new agies those days. Stay away for everybody who says "you are your own teacher" or "look into mirror" - those are narcissist who can not bow down to the real teachers who actually accomplished something beside nonsense uttering just to keep them on the same low level. The whole new age industry and modern spirituality is not about putting you higher but keep you lower thinking that you are going somwhere, but just to stick you in one ignorant place with all those funny and meaningless slogans.
  3. I'm not wrong. you have such low level and playing with mudras like toys. I used to test most of the mudras, it can mess you life energy and life totally if you do it wrong. Messing with your energy you mess with your reality, relationships and money. Do it wrong and you can turn your life upside down.
  4. Remember to keep that mudra on the level of lower dan tien not "before the body" or you will be hurt.
  5. I have my own practice and synthesis of teachings and yoked together the taoism with buddhism teachings - which many people do in history. The only teacher I think who teaches suttavada properly is bhante vimaralamsi. I sense couple people here who actually had insight into jhanas which is not bad. I would suggest to practice Suttavada for majority of people who are anyway padamparas so they would go into nibbana and cease to exist so they will no longer suffer and they have no need to rebirth (being endless in blissful realm). You can even achieve high results quicker if you understand that this reality if false and existence have no sense. You do not look for the sense of your existential process but you understand they have no substance or sense to make and then you can quickly "flush" yourself like a shit in toilet. All you struggle in life is generally for nothing, your family, money etc. is generally nothing and after you think you achieved something you are going to die and repeat same process. The most disturbing thing fr me is to experience lower realms or hell realms, so definitely everybody should keep watching their conduct. (or quickly pracitce Usnisa Dharani recitation to root out from alaya consciousnesses seeds of being reborn in hell)
  6. No. those are regular thing in qigong community in china. The first is mystery for me of course, but the other are spontenous qigong and qi transmissions.
  7. Suttavada = based mainly on Majjhima Nikaya as the only necessary source of teachings to attain nibbana while other nikayas are supplemental. It was old buddhist sect who was based directly on sutta without any interpretations or commentaries. Theravada = interpretations (mostly hindu like) of buddhism that's why most of theravadans do not even try to practice as it would take too long to attain even first jhana. Varjayana is very good if you have luck to have the highest teachings but you will never get them as westerner - forget it. You will be put into endless nyndro which is bs and other basic practices which are not needed for higher practices. (I have luck to have those and totally never did anything lower as nyndro etc.)
  8. Yeah, those cooking stuff on head got my dying tho. hahah but the other seems pretty normal to me. generic qigongs of china.
  9. Well we have a lots not natural things which works very good. Like chemical compounds, plastic, electronics. Feeling is based on personal judgement and pre-programmed way of thinking. For example if you would see happy person on the photos you would be feeling positive because this is how neurobiological reflections (which is on the front of your brain) works. You feeling have nothing to do with how the things are. I would rather say that what they doing it's just simple qigong which sometimes have results like that.
  10. There is no such thing as uncreated things. If something is not created then it's not existent.
  11. because you have typical western mind.
  12. No. Kami have reals forms (sometimes funny) but they are dangerous.
  13. No. No substance come later as there is nothing in whole existence which is real or have substance beside your imagination. Only few people in the world been in state of true emptiness (when whole world disappears, all people and everything) and there is nothing more to do. The whole work is done after that. If you think anything comes after that then you are making up things in your mind without direct experience.
  14. Most of information here are generally okay from academic sense of view, but about Theravada - they are wrong in teaching way of jhanas that's why it takes life-times. Go for Suttavada and you will achieve in one life time the right experience of nibbana.
  15. [wu wei intensifies]