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  1. Thelema is biggest BS and cancer in spiritual modern traditions (which are all cancer). People believing their ignorance is the truth and wisdom, and truth and wisdom is ignorance.
  2. Proof is in the pudding. You can claim all you want, but there need to be proof for anything if you are genuine cultivator.
  3. Nine year of facing the wall = pre-heaven
  4. This will not bring permanent changes.
  5. There are qigong-related things in hesychast tradition.
  6. You can also do something else with FP to extract blue aura thru alchemical means and refine it. When I experimented with it, I have physical changes which never occurred before. Most of them are spiritual transformations and based on jing-qi-shen. but now I can realize if you not just sit, but do neidan practices with FP, you will have crazy effects and results. FP is enhancement and have alchemical basis, if you know how to extract alchemy from FP.
  7. When I say that do not get mad, just cultivation more to get right insight and wisdom. You only develop thinking and concepts CT. That's just true. It will bring nothing to other people, that all you know so that all you are into. Take this advice to look something beyond you actual limits.
  8. You can know anybody level of cultivation just by looking or hearing them. It's very simple if you practice.
  9. You guys do not know even what you are talking about. C T is only intellectual. The old guy who practice qigong is also very low level. I sad that there are many cultivated and enlightenment people who can point out everything out.
  10. The definition of sorcery is based on actually of using spirits/gods to represent the will of sorcerer. Sorcery and witchcraft is actually very tight based and explained in terms which I could explain but there is no use of this anyway, as none of you have possibility to practice such things.
  11. I used to practice sorcery and occult related stuff. Powerful stuff but only if you need material things or things to happen for yourself (or others).
  12. Of course. I will be making commentary for it. None you will find on internet or in books are right in practice really. Kundalini got nothing to do with golden glower. They are people who mixed up things and messed things up with their own day dreaming.
  13. There is any chance that you publish other dvd with TTP or other rare styles? Also any chance of publishing DVD with the missing volume for athlete performance?
  14. Original breath is not the breath you are inhaling or exhaling. If you practice with that then you practice just qigong.
  15. You are too low level to prove anything. Try practice on your own and you will see. Kids need to believe Santa so believe what you believe till you grow up.