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  1. Nonduality and Daoism

    Thank you for all of the welcomes and notes on the rules. I can actually read Chinese and I took enough classical Chinese that I can get by, but I still use translations. I wouldn't say I have a favorite though-it seems like the best ones I still feel like almost get it right. Having said that, I most often use this translation because it's actually five translations together with the Chinese: Tao Te Ching in Translation Basically, I read the Chinese until I get stuck and then I go through all of the translations just to get a sense of what I'm missing, if that makes sense.
  2. Nonduality and Daoism

    Hi All, I'm happy to be here! I have been interested in different wisdom teachings all of my life. The DDJ sa always been close to my heart. After all these years, I can still pick it up and discover something new. I'm interested in Advaita, Zen, Daoism, and basically any teaching that points to the truth.