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  1. Increase in rate and volume of cerebrospinal fluid flow into brain precipitating release of nice neurochemicals like melatonin and DMT resulting in better health and optimal functioning in general , at least that's the plan
  2. Friends, Thanks for clicking. I just read a pretty esoteric book ; Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza. In it he shares this idea that there is a flow of cerebrospinal fluid that travels up the spine into the brain and then down the front of the body in a circuit. I believe Mantak Chia calls this the Microcosmic Orbit. In the book Joe refers to two pumps in this system , the sacral and cranial pumps which flex with the breath subtly to form the mechanism that draws the fluid upwards. I am really interested in this as I have been having for years these strange bouts of head pressure on and off that ultimately culminate in a popping and crunching of the bones in my skull. I believe it the sphenoid bone being articulated. So after reading Joes book I am concluding that maybe as a result of my practices(tai chi , breath work, trauma work) this cranial pump in me is getting scheduled upgrades in a sense by this rearranging or liberation of the skull bones. Just an idea. Joe goes on to say that the increase in cerebrospinal fluid going upwards mean that the glands in the brain are stimulated to produce beneficial chemicals. Anyway these ideas are somewhat new to me so I just wanted to run them by this community. Another idea that I have always flirted with but am unsure about is the philosophy around semen retention as some kind of a spiritual practice. So keeping the microcosmic orbit in mind am I right in saying that by reducing or totally stopping sexual release a males semen is eventually reabsorbed into the "cerebrospinal flow" thus increasing its intensity and thereby nurturing the glands in the brain more than if this extra resource was spent in sexual activity ? Anyway , Thanks for reading, Am I on the right track here please feel free to criticize or offer advice IMG_20220409_155500
  3. Grief and the lungs

    Thanks Everything for taking the time for that in depth response Ill need to come at it a few times to get it I think.
  4. Grief and the lungs

    Hi Void is that Quick Fire Breathing the same as Kundalini Yogas Breath of Fire ?
  5. Grief and the lungs

    Thanks Void ,ssounds like what I need , I really appreciate that .
  6. Grief and the lungs

    Hi all , I have read that TCM takes the position that grief manifests as lung problems. Can anyone recommend for me an approach to working with an old grief that is lodged in the lungs ? Perhaps a Qigong or breathing exercise ? Would acupuncture help ? Thanks , J
  7. Hi Rocky , I had considered migrane , but the way that I feel this "energy " or whatever its best called moving around my body from throath to forehead to crown to digestive area signals that its not . Also the headache aspect is much more like a dull pressure within the head rather than the piercing pain of severe migrane . Sleep , hydration and stress seem unrelated to it as far as I can see .
  8. Thanks to all above for your insights . I have a bit to digest . Spotless , could you expand on how I might cultivate the subtle body ? J
  9. Hi all , I am coming here to post as I am having some troubling symptoms that I believe could be related at least in part to my tai chi practice . I occasionally go through bouts of strange uncomfortable symptoms . Usually I'll first have a strong uncomfortable sensation in my throat , which then moves upwards after a few hours into my face causing my cheeks to pull apart like a wide smile , then this sensations moves up into the center of my forehead and feels like it is boring a hole in there , then it passes up into the top of the head where my impulse is to crack the bones around there . Then the next step in this sequence is that I'll have fits of burps and sometimes vomiting but with no sense of nausea or sickness . That can often be it for a while or the cycle may start straight away and continue for a day or three . I am checking out fine medically . My tai chi practice is about 2 hours a day , I have learned traditionally with focus on posture repetitions and corrections by a teacher . The focus is on body mechanics and talk about CHI or meridians is for the most part avoided . I am no expert here and can only hazard a guess and use language I don't really understand but I am wondering if it is possible that my practice is cultivating an amount of chi that my body is unable to handle within its "Chi circuitry " . I have looked into the micro cosmic orbit and also into kundalini energy in trying to understand this . It feels like something energy or otherwise is trying to pass through various parts of my body but is getting stuck . I don't practice on the days that these symptoms are at their most severe . Has anyone experienced similar or have any ideas ?
  10. Hi , rather than start another thread on this topic I thought I would post here . I am having a very similar problem to the starter of this Thread . I am experiencing a sensation like a golf ball in my throat that I am starting to suspect is blocked energy/chi/kundalini of some kind . It is most prominent when I wake in the morning . I spontaneously seem to be breathing deeply into and around it during the day . The energy sometimes gets up past this heavy constriction in my throat into my head where it creates an impulse to crack the bones of the skull ,often loudly enough so that people near me can hear it happening .Often after a session of this skull cracking I will experience very pleasant liquid like sensations dripping around inside my head , like warm honey dripping . But these sensations are short lived . The next phase usually is that I will start to burp and yawn and a vomiting reflex often occurs but without any of the nausea or sick sensations that usually come with throwing up . Sometimes when I am alone with this throat pain there is an emotional component and crying or deep sobbing involved during which the throat and the third eye area of the forehead seem to throb . I am no expert but I am wondering if this all has to do with some over revving of the microcosmic orbit or some other energy pathways . I am reluctant to get medical help here as I feel that this is an energy issue , out of the realms of most doctors experience . Any thoughts or insights are greatly appreciated . J.
  11. Hello all

    Thanks Marblehead
  12. Hello all

    Hi all , I am a tai chi addict who would like to learn more about micro cosmic orbits , body armor and other such things . I figured that this would be a great place to ask questions . Looking forward to learning more , J