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  1. faith in humanity

    Align thyself with likeminded individuals. Dwell in the forest for a weekend or even a week, indeed, this is an excellent idea, the woods offer silence for contemplation and evaluation. Leave behind the despicability my bruddah. I did the same 1 month ago to now return as a mighty lion of the soaring steppes, capable of weaving a thin, red, intricate line through humanity's circus
  2. Greetings dear ones and thank you

    Thank ye Kar3n. I acknowledge your every word. I would very much like to instigate a loving relationship with meditative practices, but I've never been able to muster the necessary self-discipline to maintain the practice due to external chaos. Well, today is the greatest day to start anew. Baby steps. I revere the rinpoches of Tibet very much and I also hold other precious ones such as yourself in high asteem for trying to help me. However the link you sent me per msg leads me to a google drive (yours?) and a file only 44 kilobyte grand... Could you be a darling and resend me the guided meditation? Thanks in advance & oceans of love Aegwynn
  3. Greetings dear ones and thank you

    Thank you very much Marblehead. I am mere padawan in the school of life and I look forward to learn and grow alongside you. I sincerely hope that you seasoned meditators can offer a young novice in dire need with some seeds of wisdom that I might myself tend and make sprout Peaceful & lovin' vibrations
  4. Greetings dear ones and thank you

    ... for creating such a lovely forum for enlightened souls to converse, share and aid. Kudos to y'all for sparking a light in a crazed exterior world. I myself have been a stalker 'round here for a little month and now felt that I had to join your ranks and state my purpose and intentions. Language is an ingenious faculty we humanoids have cultivated but I will attempt not to give a long, meagre account of my journey through life. Here goes; After high school indoctrination I became conscious in a wonderful manner - by embracing the unknown and hitchhiking many thousands of kilometres through South America. My innate awestricken sense of beauty exploded tremendously! And meanwhile my ego dwindled through experimentation with various psychedelics and cannabis (this I had no knowledge of at the time). All in all wonderful progress and my eyes opened up to the marvel of mother nature and indeed my brain seemed to shift from 4th to 12th gear as the veil of society was lifted and I was truly freed. I am very thankful for the wisdom I have gained and I now try to plant loving seeds of enlightenment in the cortexes of every troubled human I might encounter on my path I am now a young man at 22 yrs. However I myself am my own worst enemy and I often patronize myself in my thought patterns and I still have not tamed my temper completely, because I have never implemented meditation into my life. In some twisted way I have always told myself that I was not ready to meditate because it did not feel sincere and natural to do so - that I somehow was not ready or deserving to reap the fruits of the calm mind.. Although it is THAT which I desire most. To flow in accordance with the cosmic dance and shift my consciousness. I don't know what you esteemed seekers make of all this crap, but what I'd sincerely love is some advice on how to implement meditative practices into my life, for it is what I need the most right now as I am still stuck in a rat race that is toying with my sanity.. Again, I apologize the lengthy blabber Love and light from Denmark