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    Thanks for the pointer. I have mentioned François Jullien. His writings can be very interesting as they make a bridge between Western and Chinese thoughts, from a philosophical point of view. The wikipedia page about him: Cheers.
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    > Your name sounds like a single guitar. I'm sure you will find > lots of threads to interact with others in your interests. Hello, 'monogatari' is actually 物語 (or ものがたり) and basically means a legend, or a story, in japanese. (sorry for any strange formatting in replying, I am not used to the interface yet) Cheers.
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    Hello, It is not easy to define or to say precisely... I'm interested in the way the Chinese have perceived nature and the universe a long time ago, and has been transmitted up to today in one way or the other. One could say the Dao to make it simple I guess. It is the living philosophy aspect that I feel has something basically true about it. Not only thinking or believing, but living it. And for me this starts with standing, Zhan Zhuang, and relaxing, letting the nature be alive, and then moving. I'm currently reading Francois Jullien's essay on the I Ching based on the writings of Wang Fuzhi. Cheers.