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  1. Personal Practice Discussion Thread Request

    Most esteemed sir/madam/divinecombinatoric: First, warm cosmopolitan greetings. I would love a personal practice locál to put my dreams expWEIRDiences ect. Among other rainbows, I think it would really help ground/organize me and generally make my thoughts more elegant(post-time shoutout to Chogyum). Some flute for your trouble
  2. Hi There!

    actually really really good guess(though I think just misses). but to be real I found it on someones personal site that no longer exists. I saved the image just in case cause I had a feeling the site would disappear (very private art photographer/professor). In general the situation seems to be so: All the forsaken female/androgynous(see Mary in Gospel of Thomas) deities of the old and new worlds have communed together into a single etheric body that envelops Earth as if in a womb. Occasionally, especially in times of stress, their combined energy erupts into images of varying intensities.
  3. Hi There!

    LimA- I once farted heartily (but artfully). The man next to me, markedly annoyed, wholly scarred by me, fully smartly scowled at me - but whole heartedly. By this river of literative flatualance, I mean to float this thread into a superrational 'tit for tat' arena for biological beings. You seem sir, by claiming to come across that 'Dairy of a Daoist Hermit' site through search of "equivalent retaliation", to be speaking quite sphincterly, in other words fraudulently(in terms of discourse thats conventional publicly). Just as I once did above. From one Nether Orpheus(orifice) to another I tip my digital hat to you and bid that you be like a feather on the breath of Gd. But anyway: In various guises of calculations and miscalculations and oogling whilst googling 'taste' 'it' 'All' 'Lima''diary' 'Light reading' I came across finally an internet angel. They are the beings that work tirelessly in the pixelated shadows to try to carve the internet into a sacred space where lightning from all the world's peoples shoot across an invisible sky. I dont come across them often in direct form. This particular one is only in complete manifestation in one location so far. But anyway here it is. May love sing in all hearts: (edit: the image seems to have transmigrated to a more proper location in this thread)
  4. Hi There!

    Have you read the Anastasia books?
  5. Qi Gong/Meditation at ancient stone circles

    "you can root"? this can mean many things it seems, and you seem to be a man that knows many things–so maybe a further explanation is possible? I mean my leg channels are pretty open(i.e. I can feel earth energy coming up them to gather at LDT whenever walking, and when I do Qi gong its starting to be a party^2 and I can feel like I'm connected like 4 feet underground), but perhaps are you referring to something like connect with the Earth's core?(only example I can think of with this is like Barbara Hand Clow's new age-y nine dimension system, where like here 2D activation is imagining a rod of clear white light connecting you to the center of the earth) And yes...when Im at Stonehenge I am going to definitely postulate hard that a rod of light from the Earth's core is coming up through me. maybe this is how Michael Bay gets actors for Transformers?
  6. In about a week I'm going to have an hour inside the circle at Stonehenge, as well as at least a full day(5am-8pm) at Callanish. At Stonehenge I plan on sitting in the center for half and hour than doing qi gong for the other half. At Callanish, hopefully I'll get private meditation time at dawn for at least 3-4 hours and then Ill switch to Qi Gong when other people arrive. Overall, I'm incredibly incredibly excited. Do any of you have experience practicing at power spots, especially in the UK? I'll have many days of solo walking and long meditation before going to these, so the power should hopefully not exacerbate any scatteredness and instead just help deepdeeppresence. I will also be at the Chapel of Rosslyn for a full day, praying with the green men
  7. LostInHemplation