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  1. Bija Mantras Practice

    Ok, Sketch, thank you very much for your input. While I'm unfamiliar with Alexander technique and Emilie Conrad's Continuum practices, I have tried Daoist six healing sounds and I found the bijas more powerful/effective. Now, two things in your reply resonate with my practice: 1. There's definitely focus/circulation of energy in body areas, tissues, bones for each bija. Like each one would activate a specific circuit, a particular modality. 2. Interior sound !? That's a deep one... Sometimes the bija is not so much sounded as thought/invoked before and beyond mere uttering. Secondly...I think I can talk to my body (the physical one) in a "language" that's before words...I can't put into words the feeling. Now, my practice as I have navigated through it: 1. I do it for 30-90 min at a time, 2-3 times a day. Possibly because of my health problems....I need a stronger dose. 2. First Stage: clarity in uttering the bija (inner sound, I do not use chanting). By clarity I mean the uttering has some crisp clear quality like outrightly speaking....and the bija vibrates all body. 3. Second Stage: bija starts repeating itself....I have reached this...from time to time. 4. Third Stage: mind (as in buddhist mind, that's all being) gets fully focused...eventually absorbed/immersed in the bija....I had only a glimpse of this. Basically....that's my experience...I must admit that sometimes I feel like there is a threshold I can't pass through...maybe the health interfering ?! I don't get Second Stage on a regularly basis....Third Stage remains only a dream for me. Any input on the above ?
  2. Bija Mantras Practice

    So, this is my first post, I'm trying to be brief yet clear. Anyone in this forum has experience (as in in practicing) in bija mantras meditation ? By bija mantras I mean Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Om. They are traditionally associated with chakras, but that's a secondary aspect, actually they work on the Tattvas: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Mind. What I'm interested are these: 1. How long/intensive was/is your practice ? 2. How would you describe/prescribe the practice ? 3. What results have you achieved ? With no intent to be rude...please understand that I have no interest in replies from the books, but only in your experience.
  3. Newcomer

    Totally new to Qigong (which is my interes). Read some articles of Sifu Anthony Korahais and found this forum.