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  1. Ejaculation frequency for a 23 year old male

    I think it's important to realize that the Way for one may different than for another. I've had periods of borderline ascetic celibacy and also periods where I indulge in sex, and probably will throughout my life unless I end up marrying. But over time I feel that self-development is coming on, sort of in the form of layers of experiential awareness. What matters is finding your own balance IMO
  2. Ejaculation frequency for a 23 year old male

    That's why I practice cultivation with a partner yet still have sex rather than remain celibate, to me, acknowledging that you are both slowly losing energy but doing so together in a bond of love is preferable to being alone even if you were to be purer in cultivation. It's arguably an embodiment of what The Way means
  3. Ejaculation frequency for a 23 year old male

    Pardon me for saying this, but I think that for the layman like me, a lot of this is overthinking lol. Most things in life work better if one keeps them simple. I.e., I think I will benefit sufficiently if I just restrict ejaculation to no more than once or twice a month, or longer if I feel like it, learn basic microcosmic orbit and how to circulate the energy and remove blockages. I've already noticed positive differences in the past year or so. If some energies are lost during the sex act alone even without ejaculation, then the only way to be 100% safe would be to not have sex and I would be a celibate ascetic. I think it's possible to make positive progress and still follow The Way while doing so in moderation and having behaviors resembling a typical human in other ways
  4. Ejaculation frequency for a 23 year old male

    Thank you for all your thoughts. Do you have any advice for someone interested in cultivation but within the context of a relationship - involving intercourse? I tend to agree that some of the energies are lost even during non-ejaculatory sex, but in a way that is what sex is, a give and take. If I wanted to lose nothing whatsoever, I would be a celibate monk I suppose. I'm trying to find a middle way.
  5. Ejaculation frequency for a 23 year old male

    It's very much a type of fasting yes, sort of learning to walk a more subtle middle way. Fasting doesn't mean complete abstinence either, it can mean eating in moderation, at certain times, or only certain things. So moderation with ejaculation frequency (once, twice a month) can still be considered that. I've found that the more you ejaculate, the less subtle you get both in mind, mood, and body, because you're constantly depleting a powerful essence. And I think men who are always depleted become more materialistic and more base because they feel inadequate that their jing is always low. When you feel strong inside, there's no reason for big displays or showing off, you become soft-spoken but have a strong underlying will. I hope that makes sense.
  6. Ejaculation frequency for a 23 year old male

    I've decided to just keep ejaculation to a minimum regardless of age, as I've said before I feel the saved energy makes for better sex and bonding with my partner, and I also have more energy overall. Better to start young than late. Plus it can only mean i will have more vitality and energy when I am old
  7. Ejaculation frequency for a 23 year old male

    I agree, no reason to be wasteful for no reason. I think the truth is that ideally you wouldn't at all, but then again if you never did you would probably be a monk For now, once a month seems to work well for me and I have a lot of energy for sex and life if I stick with that. I'm healthy but not "robust" so to speak, more of a slightly guy, I feel like if I was more robust physically I could get away with more often.
  8. Ejaculation frequency for a 23 year old male

    lol why edit: oh i get it
  9. Ejaculation frequency for a 23 year old male

    My rule of thumb is, if you feel completely depleted afterward, you're probably doing it too much. Similar to hunger, eat until 75% full, not until you're stuffed
  10. I practice retention even though I have sex regularly with my girlfriend, but I was just looking for some thoughts on what you think a reasonable frequency to release might be for a guy who is 23 going on 24. I know that the production of the male essence decreases with age so it's important to watch it, also it's winter here and as is advised i pretty much avoid it entirely lol. Not sure if I'm at the age yet I have to start worrying about loss of virility though. My reasoning is that I have become acutely aware of the energy difference before and after ejaculation, the mood difference, how long it can take to recharge via rest and nutrition, and also my partner and I have better intimacy the longer I retain. At the same time, sometimes you gotta let it go lol, and even though I practice circulation exercises I've found the jing and yang energy can stagnate somehow and it becomes uncomfortable. Just looking for some advice. Thanks
  11. and then i awoke, as from a dream

  12. Cannabis and Qi

    Here's my take on it. Most things are not bad nor good unless they're of absolute immorality, i think cannabis is one of them, like sex, alcohol, food, whatever. Moreover it depends on where you are in life and why you are using it. I've had experiences with cannabis in the past where there was a lot of bad energy in my life and it seemed to amplify it even more and get me caught in a bad rut, i.e. laziness, self indulgence, negativity, and anger. Now that I'm with someone and headed in a better direction spiritually and with life on the whole, I use it not only more sparingly but I feel the vibes are better. In day to day life it seems to unlock creativity and emotions that are hidden, positive ones if I am meditating properly, and in my relationship / in the bedroom it helps to be more calm and gentle and sensual, and to approach my partner without expectation or agitation no matter what the circumstance is. Since I've grown more accustomed to this it comes out of habit now too and I don't need to smoke regularly. Therefore, I think it's in how / why you use it. Just my two cents
  13. Yin and yang, balance and cultivation

    Actually I see too much yang as being less kinetic and more static. Yin to me feels more freeing and light, yang is more solid and dense. My goal is a healthy balance of both and somehow I feel it's linked to cultivation. I feel rather out of balance at present and am examining why. Overindulgence sexually definitely harmed me A chain is only as strong as its weakest link Another yin / yang metaphor, for me at least - A strong fortress is only as good as the treasures within
  14. I've done some research but I've started to understand how this energy works. It has came to me mostly thru qigong, sexual kung fu and sexual yoga practices, the latter of which I've done with my current partner. I also should mention that I practice retention and cultivation and I have my own observations thru this, namely, when you don't emit semen often all of the energies seem reflected back into your body and everything gets more intense. I ejaculate once in awhile, i'm still young and my partner sometimes enjoys it, but when I'm older I plan to limit it even more; I've discussed this with her and she understands how we will ultimately move toward Karezza. Basically i believe that puberty / time naturally make a male more Yang and a woman more Yin, but because balance is quintessential in all things it's important to keep in touch with the other side. For some reason when I think of yang I think "upper" and yin I think "lower." Losing jing often seems to make the body more yang, and vice versa seems to help balance and dissipate. That's another thing, yin seems to disperse and yang to gather. Yin would be going for a walk or run, yang would be lifting weights. My experience has also been that one extreme causes a tendency toward the other in myself, I seem to have an internal sense when I am out of balance for my own health which is really what this is all about. Shooting in the dark a bit here, but any thoughts? Thanks
  15. How to Feed Your Demons

    I've found it's best to befriend your demons. If you try to destroy them they multiply and return in greater magnitude because the energy you put out to keep them away only gives them strength. Everyone has them. I think the key is integration