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  1. Converting Ching to Chi, Chi to Shen?

    I have been practicing Taoist internal alchemy methods, I created a crystal of shen (spirit) in my lower dan tien which fills my body with light. The same as external alchemists cook materials in a cauldren, I cooked jing and chi in the cauldren of my dan tien to create the crystal; the sexual glands are the 'stove' which heats the cauldren. It took me two days to do, that night I dreamed about the five elements (I had not been thinking about the five elements before the dream).
  2. Hello all

    This (my previous life as Pai Mei) is not such great news: Pai Mei killed a lot of people, I have bad karma because of it.
  3. Hello all

    Hello My name is Jonathan. I live in London, U.K. I am a Kung Fu master (Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis), and the actual reincarnation of priest Pai Mei.