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  1. Hello from NYC

    Hello, I've been practicing Tai Chi, etc. for many years, I just discovered this forum. I teach Tai Chi as a self defense discipline, with the focus on leading with the dantien and proper breathing. Nobody seems to teach this traditional method any more, just "go like this and look pretty in the park".
  2. Qi Gong - Nei Gong - Shen Gong

    This is probably the most concise definition I have ever seen. Qigong develops the chi, Neigong puts that chi to use internally, and Shen Gong is the end result, spiritual enlightenment. Taiji Quan puts chi energy to work in self defense applications.
  3. Hello from Oakland Gardens, New York City

    Hello, I've been into Tai Chi Chi for 3 decades, very seriously for the past 6 years. I took an interest in martial arts in 1963 with Jiu Jitsu. My interests are toward the internal aspects of these arts, the physical side, not so much. Maybe I can add some insights here while learning and sharing ideas. Chat soon, Bill