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    Greetings, I'm quite glad I found this place. I was searching the Google machine to see if there were any qigong techniques for keeping mosquitoes away, whilst they bite at my feet at a cafe here in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, and the first site that popped up was this glorious one. I'm quite new to qigong and the dao. I stumbled upon them while here in Nepal, where I've been working for the past year. For the past few years I've been quite into personal development, since I discovered the actual meaning of self help, and it has led me on a more and more spiritual path, especially during my time here. I've been lightly working on various qigong practices I've found online and in books available here. I've been searching for the right one to start with, and then I saw how there are thousands of styles, so I'll pick one and stick to it after perusing some of the previous bum postings... I'd like to combine this practice with yoga, of which I've been practicing a bit more of for the past 6 months, for full power. That's the plan so far, at least. Looking forward to talking with all the bums in here! I brought my empty glass.