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  1. the 72 stages

    Hi dear all. I've started reading the foundations of internal alchemy by wang mu. I would be grateful if someone suggested a text of the stages after the first 4 of combining yang and yin. Thanks again.
  2. Hi there ! Thanks everyone, I got an opportunity to post here. I've been following the hermetic rout of Bardon for about a month and a newbie. What brings me to Taoism is the desire to learn how to cultivate and apply yang and yin chi. I understand ultimately the mastery of cultivating chi will let me find a better version of myself, and relate to the universe in a better way. This will help me overcome many of the obstacles that I face in life right now. So, It would really help me if someone can recommend me some books which talks about the detailed exercises or methods of cultivating chi and then applying chi in real world, not just the theory. Thanks all and questions are welcome !