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  1. wu wei

    I also mean if somebody knows a good book about wu wei.
  2. Hello Is there a good book about daoist breathing techniques ? Kind Regards Frederick
  3. wu wei

    Can somebody give me some good references about 'wu wei' ?
  4. seated brocade (Olson

    I think there is a lot of good information in the book, I have some difficulties in comprehending the fifth brocade (single pass windlass) and the sixth brocade (double pass windlass).
  5. seated brocade (Olson

    I mean the version as explained in 'qigong teachings of a taoist immortal'.
  6. seated brocade (Olson

    Any opinions about the seated version of the 8 brocades by Olson Stuart ?
  7. following the breath

    I began to wonder if I am really following my breath during meditation. Are there more concrete instructions instead of the abstract phrase 'follow your breath' ? Cheers F
  8. Zuowang

    I enjoy 'taoist meditation' a lot, Spacester :-)
  9. Zuowang

    Thank you for the suggestion, Spacester.
  10. Zuowang

    Hello Can anyone give me a reference (eg book) with good instructions about Zuowang ? Kind Regards F
  11. Hello I wondered I anyone could help me answering a particular question. I found a webpage on which a meditation-exercise is pictured and explained. It is the meditation-exercise that comes after the preparatory brocade-exercise. http://www.damo-qigong.net/qigong/excise/free_qigong_practice_course.htm What is the name of the medication-exercise (and where can I find more information about it) ? Kind Regards F
  12. Hello

    Hello I al glad to have discovered this wonderfull forum. I live in Belgium. Since quite a while I am reading about taoism and nagualism. I practice qigong and I began exploring meditation. Best regards Frederick