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  1. Leg Tension in Sitting Meditation

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Strangely I have noticed I have the same tension in my abductors when I am driving a car. I am driving much more in the city I just moved to. Might be somewhat related. I do have a weak core, I believe, which also might put more tension on that region just below the kwa. Will continue my tai chi practice, incorporate some stretching, and just be patient as my body slowly builds up.
  2. Hi folks, I started out doing breathing meditations in a standing position. I would also like to doing the breathing meditations while sitting in a chair. I guess my reason is to be able to do the meditations for longer, but I also hope it would help my with sitting posture in general. My difficulty is that I find my upper abductors, right below my pelvis are very tight and not matter how I shift around remain very tense. Any ideas on a reason for this? More importantly, any ideas on how to relax these muscles while sitting? Thanks.
  3. Checking Things Out

    Thanks for the welcome, folks. Now I just have to figure out how on earth to take my photo off as profile pic !
  4. Checking Things Out

    Hello everyone, Recently started practicing Tai Chi (Yang style) but don't even know the whole set yet. Just beginning! I've also begun breathing techniques (Bruce Frantzis' CDs) and little qigong (eight brocades). These practices have been helpful with my physical health issues (fibromyalgia and IBS) and the consequential depression and mental issues than come from chronic health problems. These practices have also helped guide me to some sort of spiritual path, when I had given up in that area. My parents were missionaries but I gave up on religion (and spirituality) around my college years. Anyway, I'm just here checking things out. I've got no masters, not much money to pay a "master", and generally not much energy. But I do what I can. I persevere and I keep learning.