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    I don't know if you're familiar with Peter Kingsley, Rupert, he's a scholar who claims that some of the pre-Socratics (such as Parmenides and Empedocles) were basically non-dual mystics (and priests, healers and magicians) who practiced and taught something like this method (which he reckons is the original meaning of "common sense," a term later re-purposed by Aristotle to denote what we normally call common sense these days), as well as a more inward-directed practice called "incubation," often used by sick people to help their healing (lying down in a dark place and giving up - picture a dark cave with maybe a dozen people spaced out, lying down, and a few priests/doctors moving around quietly, keeping an eye on things), but also used as practice preliminary to the practice of common sense. With common sense, the idea was to become aware of all the sensory impressions from the 5 modalities, gathered together, as revealing a single sense (hence "common"), consciousness as such - first in sessions set apart, then eventually constantly, in everyday life. There are surely similarities between this and Dzogchen/Mahamudra practice, and the post-Satori practices in Ch'an/Zen too. (I think it's all basically the same across cultures because our construction, the way we're built, is cross-cultural.) The only known biographical detail about Parmenides' teacher is that "he taught him silence" - a phrase that, understandably, would be baffling to a scholar or an academic philosopher, so it's just passed over without much comment in the literature! :) (Interesting side-light, he reckons the same tradition, though lost in the West after a few hundred years, eventually infused the Sufi tradition via Egypt.)

  2. Glenn Morris' Spider Prince

    In his Path Notes of an American Ninja Master, Glenn Morris talks about a painting he discovered in one of Stephen Turnbull's book.The picture shows a Ninja dressed in gold and green with a scroll in his mouth, engulfed by a spider. I think the book he's talking about is Ninja: The True Story of Japan's Secret Warrior Cult (, but I'm not entirely sure. I borrowed the book to read in my hotel room that night, and one of the prints really caught my eye. It shows a Japanese prince identified as a ninja. The caption says "Prince so and so . . . plan- ning an assassination.', . . . The Spider Prince, as he was named in the picture, was garbed in green and gold. What do we know about the symbolic use of those colors? His hair was coiffed in the samurai manner but I don't know which clan, as I've never studied the hairstyles of the Japanese warriors. It gets a little crazier than vets and crewcuts. The Spider Prince is pictured with an old scroll in his mouth that is tattered and stained. A ragged scroll is a Japanese artistic styl- ization that indicates internalizing knowledge that one is reluctant ever to use, as it is damaging to the user's very being if improper- ly applied Glenn Morris -- Path Notes of an American Ninja Master Now, I looked for Turnbull's book but I wasn't able to find it, nor the picture described. I found two pictures that look similar to what Glen Morris' description but I don't think either on of them is the correct one. Picture 1: Picture 2: Does anyone know where I can find the correct picture?
  3. Grokk into Winnie the Pooh and practice SFQ?
  4. Huh? What the . . . Wait, what? #include <The Tao of Pooh - Benjamin Hoff.h> pooh puː/ informal exclamation 1. used to express disgust at an unpleasant smell. "she would hold her nose and shout ‘Pooh!’" 2. used to express impatience or contempt. "Oh pooh! Don't be such a spoilsport" noun 1. excrement. "mind the dog poo" verb 1. defecate. weenie ˈwiːni/ noun another term for wiener. wiener ˈwiːnə/ noun NORTH AMERICAN noun: wienie 1. a frankfurter or similar sausage. 2. vulgar slang a man's penis. 3. informal a stupid, boring, or contemptible person. HIS ESSENCE! HIS SPIRIT! NOT his goddamn fuck-up of a name. return "back to title" until "you give it at least a moment's thought" ; end broadcast. I know, I know, Shamanic QiGong Does not Exist, I know, i GOT IT. DISCLAIMER: The imaginary-and-yet-real flying monk Lao Sun Tao and Co. hold no responsibility towards the validity and effectiveness of the above magickally refined, like a freaking samurai made of Valyrian sword, technique--as it is something someone has to accept into his/her own world/belief-system/tradition, if he/she does not understand or Imagine what white-hat mindful spirit hacking is (Ego grew a little arrogant there? Maybe.) and that a little open mindedness goes a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way. Lao Sun Tao and Co. attest that your Teacher/Master/Guru is the best Teacher/Master/Guru in the whole-wide-world, as well as his/her teachings/instructions/philosophies are the best in the whole-wide-world and that he/she is obviously far superior than Lao Sun Tao and Co. and that this text is only delivered with a slight pinch of salt and a little, only just a little bit, cringe. Huh?
  5. Love and Hate at the level of the heart

    It's a point of view for a path. It can work for some, it cannot for others. Just the way I see things, at the moment, and that can be changed, enhanced, or evolved in totally unforeseen ways. The more I read the more I understand I have to experience. Now, having said that, I'd really like to find out if you say you agree or disagree with this point of view and why. Right now I feel it's simple and stable as it is, but I'm open to being prodded by other views.
  6. Love and Hate at the level of the heart

    Honestly, I never understood why hate is considered the opposite of love. Fear is the opposite of love. Hate feasts on fear. Hate feasts on lack of love, which is lack of compassion, which is lack of understanding and accepting, which is fear. Chakra-wise, fear closes the 1st charka and love opens the 4th chakra. Where does hate go chakra-wise? Like a great green man from a galaxy far, far away once said, Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, and suffering . . . well, you know where that leads if you understand the reference. If you want to eradicate hate then forget about your 4th chakra, you can't love anyone when you hate everyone. But you can admit you are angry, and once you've done that and you have spotted, through meditation advisably, the root of this anger you can begin . . . slowly . . . to admit to yourself, as you dig deeper inside those feelings, the root of this anger. And it won't be long before you spot the fear inside you, the one and only thing that closes up your 1st chakra, and as you begin to SURRENDER yourself to those fears, then your chakra will begin to BLOOM and blossom, and every tension and every negative feeling will just VANISH. And it won't be long before the rest of your chakras will begin to just OPEN UP, and you realize that fear is nothing to fear about, and that love is build upon understanding and accepting, and that love, TRUE LOVE, has no equal as much as it has an opposite, just like light has no equal nor opposite, for darkness is just the absence of light, as fear is the absence of love. And hate . . . hate is merely a mixture of unrequited love and fear, which causes anger, which causes hate, which unravels the vicious circle of suffering. So as light has no duality so does LOVE, and once you're one with the cosmos, one with everything, ACCEPTING everything, UNDERSTANDING everything (higher chakras opened), then begin to understand that love and light is one and the same, and that's the complete whole, and grief and sadness and fear and hate are nothing but mere shadows that try to obstruct this light. They are opposites as much as a shadow is the opposite of a tree. It's all about FOCUS and state of mind, to be able to LET this light wash over you. It's not about understanding it or its supposed opposite. It's about understanding that you have to understand it can't be understood. It's about experiencing it. It's about taking the necessary steps (opening the chakras) to surrender to it. It's about surrendering yourself. Love is letting go in the light.
  7. Do you believe in telepathy? To whomever interested.
  8. My intention is to visualize using my imagination.
  9. Movies That make reference to the Tao Te Ching?

    I actually learned about TTC through the Tao of Steve, now that I think about it. Cool movie.
  10. What are you listening to?

    I wasn't responding to your comment. This was actually what I was listening at the moment! Still, thanks for the info. I find this song very relaxing for some reason. Great lyrics too.
  11. books for beginner taoist practitioners?

    Well, my library seems to get bigger and bigger! Someone in another thread had suggested a free ebook that explained chi in a very nice way, trying to introduce Qi to the west. I had it downloaded but I seem to have lost it. Anyone knows what I'm talking about?
  12. This is QiGong, right?

    When things are first born they don't have a purpose, and those who are born for a purpose usually don't live up to it. And this goes about anything. Look at Coca-Cola; what was its purpose of creation? Look at art; what's the purpose of art? Also, if you really expect to find a purpose for something so basic then you're overreaching. To simply reject something because it has no evident purpose right from the get-go is cynical. That is why I mentioned money. I bet if this dude was making crazy money like Uri Geller, for example, you wouldn't be asking "what's the point?" you'd be asking "is this legit?" and then there would be those who believed it was legit and those who didn't. And we have reached today and people still don't know if bending spoon is actually possible or not. I wonder if I asked the people here if they believe it's possible. I wonder what would happen. Anyway, I'm bored having this kind of conversations. Carnegie said that if you lose an argument, you lose, and if you win an argument, you lose. No one can change anyone's mind except himself. And I'm not here to change people's minds but to cultivate my own. Time to fly off to another thread. Laters.
  13. This is QiGong, right?

    I think you've just missed the point, buddy, and you've confirmed it by stating absolutely nothing.
  14. This is QiGong, right?

    This is a materialistic way of thinking which can only enhance cynicism and defeatism in your mind. What you're actually asking is: where is the money, bro? where is the fame? Where is the point in anything we do if it doesn't produce money, right? inb4 "I didn't speak about money. That's not what I wrote." Yeah, well, this is what you're implying, strongly. But I don't blame you. Money is always at the back of our minds; it's not our fault. It has attached itself to our 1st chakra. Anyway, replace showing off with demonstration, look up the definition of demonstration, and you'll find your answer. I remember when I was a kid and found or did something cool, I immediately wanted to show it to the other kids, not to show off, and especially not to make money, but to convince them follow me into an adventure, find or do more cool stuff. Does this ring a bell?