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  1. @Gerard I discovered qigong purely by chance three years ago, when I was struggling to make sense of the loss of my husband. I had been practising yoga for many many years but was not getting any solace from it. Qigong has brought me to a place of acceptance. Unfortunately it's all been self taught except for a week at Mantak Chia's workshop in Thailand. I am slowly developing a practice of my own. It's many different forms but Zhan Zhuang seems to be the main focus. There is no community here which is why I found my way to the forums. Be in qi.
  2. seated brocade (Olson

  3. seated brocade (Olson

    There is a very good seated brocade video on YouTube. The windlass postures are much simpler. However the Olson book is really interesting.
  4. Thank you smallsteps! Tui tuo sounds familiar, yes. I wonder why his book doesn't give us the names. Also the order of the postures: I do them in the following order: Wuji Embracing the tree. Holding the balloon in front of the face Standing in the stream Holding the balloon in front of the belly The book teaches it differently though. Like what Gerard said. I guess it doesn't matter though. As long as one relaxes totally into each position, while maintaining the upward and downward pull of the spine. Zhan Zhuang is magic, however you might practice it. Thank you again.
  5. No Gerard, but thank you for taking the trouble. I'm looking for the Chinese names. The first one sounds like Bo Tek the way Lam Kan Chuen pronounces it, the 2nd Cheng Bao and so on. But I'm sure that's not correct! By the way I live in India. No qigong teachers. Hell, no practicioners even. Be in qi.
  6. Could somebody kindly spell out phonetically the names of the 1st 5 postures that Lam Kan Chuen teaches in his The Way of Energy? The book doesn't have the names for some reason. He does say them in the videos on YouTube but I'd like to know the exact names as its not very clear in the videos. Thank you
  7. Qigong retreats in China

    Thank you Gerard.
  8. Qigong retreats in China

    Thank you all so much. What about the centers in Ubud, Bali? Any idea of how good they are?
  9. Qigong retreats in China

    Thank you Steve.
  10. Does anyone know of a good Qigong training Center in China? Not too hardcore though. I don't speak Chinese so the teaching would have to be in English. Thank you.
  11. My favorite topics

    Pedro: I'll definitely try and get hHeavenly Stteams. Thank you
  12. Putting a practice together.

    This is the thing! I do seem to be all over the place but I get so much from each of these practices! I know within myself that the Zhan Zhuang is the foundation for my practice, so that will be a part of whatever I do. Now to figure out which other form I need to commit to. I want to work up to three hours a day. I do the walking qigong in the morning. I do another form at noon for about an hour. And then one form plus 50 minutes of standing in the evening. This is is my schedule thus far. I am loving it but like you guys say I need to go in deep. Would that mean that I do the same form every time plus the standing? Oh would that a teacher appear magically in this Calcutta city of mine! Thank you. Be in qi.
  13. Here to improve

    Coconut or sesame oil pulling.