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  1. Agent Fox Mulder got a poster in his office with the big letters "I WANT TO BELIEVE", which represented the viewers standpoint and hopes for the series. If you search for "empty force" videos in youtube you will probably notice a strange pattern. All the "victims" looks like "weird nerds", in some way "deformed". Or if you have ever visited a TCM or acupuncture course, there you may be get in contact with strange womens who claim that they are able to feel a energy burst from the acupuncture points, but later I found out they was in the middle of their menopause and hot flashes was common symptom for them. I really want to believe, but sometime the weirdos are too weird. And believe me, I regard myself as a "nerd", but they are more nerdier than 20 clones of me put in a blender and distilled in a alchemical laboratory. But there is the other side, the non believers, the skeptics or even the pseudoskeptics. If they are in some way correlated to things like aluminium or fluoride (dentists for example), then their scepticism is even worse. They regard qi as pure fantasy, there is no phenomena like nonlocality and for sure no sense in life, because everything started by pure chance and everything will end in pure chance. And there is a pattern in their look too, for example James Randi looks like Charles Darwin: This could go on forever. Maybe this patterns are based on typical blockages these people have in common.
  2. I've noticed this pattern in most books about Qi-Gong: This kind of books start with a incredible story of their master or their own life, how they learned Qi-Gong beginning with standing meditation and then progressing versus a sitting meditation, eventually reaching mastery and the ability to transmit qi for healing. Then they teach several techniques to the reader, beginning with breathing technique, relaxation, maybe some more advanced techniques like microcosmic orbits and more deeper stuff. But it's funny why they mention standing meditation in the first few pages and then discard it when the practical part of the book starts. Instead they teach techniques which can never lead to success if the energy gates of the body are not opened or when the body is not able to produce abundantly enough qi for practicing the microcosmic orbit. From say 20 books I've read the last 20 years about Qi-Gong or "similar practices", only 4 of them stressed the importance of standing meditation. From this 4 books 2 was specialized in Zhan Zhuang and the other 2 on "water techniques". My own experience taught me that Zhan Zhuang is so effective in opening the meridians, that I practice now only this technique. The flow inside the meridians is stronger, blockages are dissolved on daily basis and I begin to feel something inside my dantien, which was impossible with other techniques before. Standing meditation involves the entire body and strengthens the core of the energy body. You cannot cheat (!!!!), which is super important and a perfect precondition for myself, because my imagination is strong and I could imagine that there is a flow if there is nothing. But if one can stand for one hour, than some success must have be achieved, right?! And we need a exercise that acts a qi-generator, building up enough qi to push through the meridians and dissolving blockages. How could a relaxation technique based on sitting and breathing ever lead to the point where one masters qi? The plausible explanation is, that the authors of this books are not real masters and so they don't know what they are writing about (highly probable) they try to keep a secret in plain sight, so that only the "worthy ones" will understand ... but dude, we have the year 2018 and the internet maybe it's a "cultural thing" to not tell everything to westerners (I cannot change my birth place, it was purely out of my control) they don't teach the important stuff in books, but you need to buy them a beer and then they will teach you the secret (masters are humans after all!) or maybe they really thought that we would understand ... and so they overestimated our intelligence. Anyway ... I hope that more qi-gong masters out there teach the "real" fundamental techniques and not super deep high advanced stuff that is only practicable by other masters.
  3. My favorite topics

    Another advise: Moving and sitting training (outer and inner training) should be for beginner 90/10. After a while the urge to go deeper while sitting and meditating the ration goes to 10/90. If one experience blockages which cannot dissolved with sitting meditation only, then again back to 90/10, with some help of herbs, homeopathy and so on. Regarding homeopathy: Recent developments in homeopathy has discovered that remedies based on original substances which contains lanthanides are more suitable for "us", people who are aware that the inner world is a cosmos which demands to be discovered. Some of this remedies are perfect "trauma remedies", like for example Arnica montana, which can help to dissolve deeper traumatic layers. A good book on this topic: Emotional Healing with Homeopathy: Treating the Effects of TraumaOct 9, 2003, by Peter Chappell
  4. Combine Reiki with Qi-Gong?

    I agree. Reiki is for certain underestimated regarding it's usefulness as also the dangers. There is no shortcut for becoming a master in handling subtle energies. Some people may even drain the energy from the renal without the ability to distinguish it between the energy that surrounds them. As a warning signal one must be aware that impatience is a dangerous attitude in this field.
  5. My favorite topics

    Dissolving small blockages (on only one layer, at upper extremities): A small blockage at lung 5 for example felt like a cold piece of metal under the skin and the qi did not flow till to the lung 1 point. Dissolving this little blockage was like I could finally feel my entire arm again and my chest get warm and "full". After this blockage was gone I did not get colds of a certain type anymore (that kind from which you get pain in the arm if you need to sneeze). Dissolving medium blockages (at the lower extremities, with two or more layers): Stomach 36 (a classic) was blocked and my knees cracked a lot and felt like they could not bend properly. After dissolving one layer the cracking disappeared and after dissolving more layers I could feel a warm stream of energy flowing till to the face under the eyes (ST 1). It even makes me now feel more grounded. Also I have the sensation as if a "data stream" flows from the earth to my head. Dissolving big blockages (the deeper paths of energy or the dantian centers): While dissolving a deeper part of the spleen meridian, a path which leaves the superficial flow beneath the skin and enters the deeper paths to the organs, I can feel now since a few days a vibration in my whole body, also like a "data stream", like bits and bytes flowing even between the organs. This is a totally new sensation to me. It is sometimes difficult to get grounded, but just one thought guided towards my lower dantian and I'm grounded again. But it's like I can feel the streams also in the air all around me. This is definitely something new to me and I need some time to get used to it. My digestions works much better now. My advise in dissolving blockages: - be patient, very patient, because some blockages are part of many "layers" - use other "tools" too, like massage, acupressure, acupuncture, bach flowers, homeopathy, herbs (western or Chinese), laser, and so on, because nobody will accuse you of "cheating" - never forget that qi has a kind of intelligence of it's own, therefore do not push, but be a good observer
  6. Combine Reiki with Qi-Gong?

    Hi OldChi, I would like to become a healer, but my approach is this: - first "Physician, cure yourself" - second obtain a very high level of training - third and only then begin to learn how to heal others with your own qi After one has healed oneself to a certain degree of health, one can also understand what path one needs to go and what to expect. In the meantime I helped a lot of people with classic homeopathy.
  7. My favorite topics

    Damo Mitchell is definitely the best author on this subject, because he treats it as it is, as a science, not a religion (or new age bla bla). And he doesn't care to make more money by putting this informations under the cover of a long hidden secret and only if you pay 100.000 dollars to him he will reveal you the "secret". I'm thankful to him that he just explain what to expect and how to reach the goal. Therefore I will buy every book he will write on this subject. For the first time I have better results in shorter time of training ... so you recognize I'm a fan of this man. Have you read his book "Heavenly Streams"? This book describes the technique and what to expect regarding the meridian training. I'm writing a book on how to dissolve dampness and phlegm which could hinder further progress, with the help of western herbs and bach flowers.
  8. The origin of mankind

    How can we know if humans was created? By observing and evaluating evidence. Can something derive from nothing? No! A typical counter question from someone with a blocked third-eye chakra is "What is the definition of nothing?". You don't need a definition. Nothing is simply nothing. Can life evolve out of life-less matter? No! Evidence is the proof. Never ever something could evolve out of dead matter. Well there are certainly people who claim that given enough time you will finally get some results. But come on, what kind of thinking is this? If you consider all variables and all constants, you will come to only one conclusion: The universe was created by an intelligent being, supreme and loving, intelligent and wise. Why refuse our father, our creator? Why ignore him? Because of our bloated ego? Because it is not hip to believe in God? Because we are coward, hiding behind a materialistic hypothesis which soothe a little bit our bad conscience?
  9. Internal scent

    I got yesterday a similar experience with Reiki. Experimenting with Reiki I tried to dissolve past trauma issues and my body felt vibrant. Suddenly I could smell a "perfume" like that of flowers or shower gel if I should describe it more specifically, but it was definitely not from my skin. It seems to derive from my throat chakra and from my hands. Funny, right now typing this words and remembering the experience, I can smell it again ... emanating from my hands ... like flowers. My Reiki Master 20 years ago got the very same smell every time we practiced Reiki. I would love to experience the same thing during Nei Kung training. But it seems that it will require a lot of time until this will happen. So if this happens only to people who tries to heal (themselves or others), how would then a terrorist smell? Like goat?
  10. My favorite topics

    Yes you are right! Wolfgang Pauli was a friend of Carl Gustav Jung. They both interchanged a lot of ideas of phenomenons like synchronicity and nonlocality. Jung got his experience and Paul his science. All pseudoskeptics have a closed third-eye chakra and severe constipation. The constipation derives from their pathological dogmatic attitude, because they cling to what they once learned at school and never let go and make place for new things to learn.
  11. My favorite topics

    This is a split from Welcome where you can read the opening posts here: - Added by Admin First thanks to all for the warm welcome! Hi Aeran, a interesting topic indeed. You know I'm into science (my hobby since childhood) a long time and there are so many "pseudoskeptics" out there who tries to convince you that this or that doesn't exist. But when I opened for the first time my lung channel and I could feel the entire channel till to the heart in it's inner path, this was like "nobody can ever change my worldview on that, because I have proof!". I think that Heavenly Stream is a very good "basic technique" to open up your channels and with the time even to "fill" your dantien, because you will find your way into it. My experience was this: I read the first few pages of how to feel the lung major point and connect your mind to the entire meridian and I started immediately. For the first few minutes I could only feel the usual Qi in the point, but as I was to end the training and walked to get a glass of water, I suddenly felt lung 9 and also 10 and 11. So I stopped, get back to my meditation pillow and continued with observing this points. After few more minutes I could feel the entire meridian. It was a little bit cold then, because I got a lot of blockages, was eating poor food and a lot of stress. But now it feels like "metal" should feel, with a distinct frequency. The other meridians was real adventures: heart meridian is hot like fire, pericard is warm and expanding, tripple heater is kind of the other pole of pericard (but not expanding outside, more vertical inside the body), ... and so on. Sometimes during the day the meridians "activates" all by themselves and I cannot explain why. Then when I activated the leg meridians ... well this is another kind of adventure, because they are more difficult to activate, but once they are active they are stronger then the arm meridians. For example liver makes you want to dance (just as Damo Mitchell has wrote in his book). Kidney activates your base chakra too, then opens his path up to second, third and the heart chakra, until it reaches the throat chakra. It feels like water and kind of bubbling. I can tell you that I feel so much more grounded after this training. Even meridians I just never believed they would exist suddenly activated. For example the girdle meridian was almost unknown to me, even if I studied acupuncture. But after activating gall blader meridian this girdle meridian activated too and this gives you a real funny feeling. Many digestion problems I got are now gone.
  12. Combine Reiki with Qi-Gong?

    I practice both, Qi-Gong and Reiki, and I can feel a difference as if the energy in Reiki is "channeled" through the crown chakra or cv22 and lead through the pericard meridian. In Qi-Gong instead I feel that I really don't have that much energy left in my entire system in order to "help someone else". Maybe this is one reason why to be "thankful", because the pericard points on the palms of the hands touch each other and the middle dantien is filled up.
  13. Has anyone ever tried to combine Reiki with Qi-Gong? I tried yesterday. A blockage in a meridian was so "solid" or "cold", that I stopped with my meditation and applied Reiki to the whole meridian. It was rather a interesting feeling, like electricity that "fills the meridian up".
  14. My favorite topics

    Hello everybody, my name is Pedro and I love all topics around acupuncture, homeopathy and energetic healing methods. Over the last years I have done some meditation, but never really succeeded ... but in the last few months the urge to meditate became stronger and finally I tried Damo Mitchell's Heavenly Streams technique (activating meridians). Now I'm fascinated how different the meridians feel and how they relate to our thoughts and emotions. Looking forward to learn from all of you!