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  1. Intent vs Visualization

    imo, Visualization is focused intent. Intention is to ink as visualization is to a pen. Intent (force) + visualization (form) = (manifestation). You can not properly visualize without proper intent, they go hand in hand. visualization without proper intent is like writing with no ink, but intention without visualization is just a puddle of ink. The pillars of Boaz and Jachin.
  2. look who stepped in the room

    I came upon this site by chance, and was pleasantly surprised to find such a clever community of people who seem to have their own individual opinions, and don't just parrot stupid bullshit. About me: I like to educate myself on many different paths to divinity, and I apply small aspects of many to my personal practice. Trial and error, right? Currently: I spend time in meditation, Golden Dawn cleansing and charging rituals and have a daily asana/pranayama routine, the focal point of which is Salamba Shirshasana (which has helped me take fantastic strides towards my goals). A strict diet is also very important to me, since it seems that indulgence in food makes it hard to have self-control in anything else. Feel free to ask me any personal questions and harshly criticize my shortcomings. I hope to make many virtual friends.