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  1. Considering teaching a class in Denmark

    Yes, very much soo. I would be really interested, and perhaps I can find a few more people interested aswell, here in Denmark. Whereabouts in Denmark will you be located? If you like, I can help you set something up, or spred the word Your concept sound very interesting.
  2. Unique Journey

    Sorry. Im wrong. On with the topic please.
  3. Unique Journey

    Actualy you have a profit of 64.5%, instead of an 175% advantage. That would be the correct result.
  4. Unique Journey

    Ok. Im open too interpertations -50%
  5. Unique Journey

    Yes it is
  6. Unique Journey

    Marblehead. Forgive me for saying, that 100% is the maximum. 175% is not a matematical term. The % scale only goes too 100. Just a little side note. Sorry
  7. Pope Dalai Lama

    I see it this way. If you have grown up in some far away place, off the modern comfort of western civilisation, then it is next too imposible, too live the life of a munk, if you reach the west. What we take for granted, like tecnology and entertainment, is not given too everybody on this planet. It does not make them bad people, but only makes them human, unless they claim otherwise. Buddist munks are shoppaholics, and you see them in many shopping distrikts through out asia, with their new gear
  8. Daoist psychology

    Hi. I have been wondering about, if the Daoist tradition have a mindset on western terms like "narcissism, borderline, schizophrenia, bi polar, etc. Perhaps the Chinese alchemy has solutions in this aspect. Bouth dealing with the symptoms, but also dealing with people who have the symptoms. What is the view on mental illness, in the daoist tradition, and what are the cure for such unbalanced persons?
  9. Random thourghts

    Im starting to think, that there are no taoist teachers in europe.
  10. Reply

    What is the problem? I do not see it. Let Karl be Karl!
  11. Random thourghts

    Hello. I been interested in the way of Tao, for some months now. I broke free from the "Krishna Counciousness movement" in october 2015, after two years in the movement, my body was in a state of constant sickness and I finaly realised, that Krishna did not exist, in a run down indian hospital, in a state of Near death, after I caught the deadly version of the dengue fever. For four months after I could hardly move my joints, and I was a cripple. Despite on giving up on "God", and becoming an atheist, I still believe in a spiriutual force, that I am very interested in crystal healing and chakras, and such things. I been reading "the secret of the golden flower", and listening too Alan Watts on youtube, but I feel I need some instructions from a taoist Master, in order too get me started. Is there any taoist masters in Europe, that I can learn from, and visit? Also im from Denmark, soo I like too hear if there are any masters near me, germany - England - Sweden, perhaps. I like too learn about meditation mostly, and all the basic stuff beginners go through. I like too learn qigong also, but my nearst qigong practice is a bit far away. Soo untill now I decided too try and find a taoist teacher, in europe, that can get me started. Any advice? Thank you for your time. Rune
  12. New

    Hello. Im Rune, from Denmark. Im 40 years young, and I very green, in terms of taoism. That is why I am here too learn. I have allready read alot of posts in here, soo I decided too join. Thank you, for your time