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  1. Taijijuan Advice

    I agree that you should choose based on the teacher with the style you resonate with. That said, there are many options. Personally, I draw a distinction between my taiji practice and my martial practice. Though I enjoy doing a very martial cannon fist form and have gained martial skills through the practice, I feel that taiji works best as a dance to enlightenment. A way of sending signals to your deeper awareness that you plan on meeting life relaxed yet alert, with a sense of spontaneous power behind a peaceful demeanor. If martial skills and push hands knowledge is your priority in this moment, check out an art called guided chaos. In my opinion this art has tapped into the deepest and most subtle layers of martial tai chi while staying absolutely practical.
  2. Hi moderator, I discovered this sight through my ex girlfriend who was really focused on the AYP, advanced yoga practices forum for years. I am a little old asian man at heart, so she thought this forum would be more my speed. I practice, and teach Tai chi, Qi Gong, Breathwork and Meditation. The I Ching has been a close friend for years and I practice tonic herbalism. Still, I find it very challenging to find clear info about inner alchemy. Hopefully this sight will help! My site is Thanks for doing what you do here Brian Ritter