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  1. Accessable Self-Acupressure

    Im looking for something close to what this thread is showing: A Routine to use intent or visualization to make energy circulate on some major points of my energy body. Any help would be great!
  2. laziness vs tiredness and weakness

    Could be many things and could be "treated" with many routines: - If you have psychological blocks about training, then you could use hypnosis to remove those. Ive used, with sucess, this : http://pstec.org/ Its a easy self use hypnosis and the one to remove blocks is free. Used many many times. - If your block is very strong, like someone would hit you so you would do things, ive used, with sucess as well, this: http://www.sedona.com/Home.asp Not easy to use, takes a long time, but ultra effective. Its like a tour to remove every single possible trauma. - If you lack energy to do your routines, then i would suggest Chikung routines,
  3. Glad to be here, thanks

    Thanks a lot for your recommendation! Will take a look. May you have a good practice today!
  4. Glad to be here, thanks

    Good evening everyone! What i have some little knowledge and practice about : Some Meditation Systems Solar Rejuvenation Nei Kung What im looking for: Some good Nei Kung system that i would be able to use, without any teacher, and without paying thousands! Digital mats would be awesome. Why: Better health, self development, helping others, shielding from negative energies. Something to improve my mind would be great. Thats it. Sleep well.