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  1. Healer training program and Yigong seminar announcement:

    I'm angry that I have travel plans around most of these seminars. I've been orbiting back and forth around your teachings. Maybe I will need to inquire about an online Yigong class. I might be able to squeeze in the Sept 1-3 session but that Monday I have to fly out to Central America! Timing!
  2. This feels like a waste of time (making a post here!)

  3. Weeee my first post. 18 year meditation esoteric off/on dabbler. Headed to a vispassana retreat this summer just to go, although I prefer qigong and neigong more. I've tried a lot of different neigong, qigong, yogic, western tradition and human potential methods. I've been playing around with that 5Element dude's celestial qigong. I want to learn from Jenny Lamb because she seems to be really humble, down to earth and not a chi street fighter projection zapper.