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  1. Magic and psychology

    Hm...I don't care. Does that make me not intelligent? Care to make any more sweeping generalizations? Edit: From reading your posts, I notice that you tend to invalidate other realities. Maybe someone else is lacking intelligence and flexibility?
  2. A s Hmm. A good post. Some aspects of it resonated with me. However, one should not declare things as impossible because you have never experienced it.
  3. I'm curious how you address circumstances that are out of your control then in your model. ie. the plane your family is in is struck by lightning and crashes into the ocean. Should you not mourn? Suffering is entirely natural. Suppressing it leads only to delusion and imbalance. Even if you knew why you felt a certain way; it wouldn't change a damn thing would it?
  4. Magic and psychology

    Sorry. I did not see this. Hi . The point I'm making is that towards the end of his life, Crowley's vies changed. Ever since Victorian times, we've been using this backward (IMO) model of man called psychology compared to the more Classical theological view. This leads to a whole subculture of people believing that magic is all in their minds, which is not totally wrong, but what is? If I cant see it , it must not be real . I was being sarcastic - emphasizing the words of those who deny the existence of macrocosmic magic. I was trying to make the point that it either exists with or without their input. Personally, I think Victorian times is a low time for magic with the exception of a few key figures who actually innovated the tradition. That's why I admit that I don't really care about Jung and there are more worthwhile characters to study. I'm not saying that you can't compile a magic with Jung' model - any magus worth their salt would be able to.
  5. Magic and psychology

    Except, you're not starting on the right point. That was Crowley's pre-adept view - one example I can think of is his Goetia (his petty one-upping of Waite. You need to read Crowley in order to see how his views evolve. People who think magic is in their heads are in microcosmic states of change and have never experienced world bending magic. If I don't see it, it must not be real right? Of course magic influenced psychology - it also influenced countless other disciplines because they used to be sacred, mysteries, or related to the mysteries. Even computer science is connected to magic. You can see the principles of computer science in the analinear system of Enochian. Lovelace enjoyed these works. Brick laying, construction, sailing, the construction of kingdoms is tied to the Keys of Solomon - many kingdoms were an attempt to raise the Kingdom of Solomon on Earth - you see this in the Goetia for the building of the kingdom, and it merges into the arturian myth. Nowadays, people see demons as diseases of the mind and schitzophrena, etc. That doesn't make them any less real. Who cares about Jung really? The idea of the archetype has long existed before him.
  6. Practicing in Lucid Dreaming

    You can use lucid dreaming to burn away traces of karma (dream yoga is the precursor to western lucid dreaming practices) - defragmentation if you will. It will generally help your practice by making your mind clearer and removing negative ingrained reactions. Clarity.
  7. Does Dan Tien translate as 'belly'?

    Isn't belly 肚子? Can anyone translate dantien or give a precise etymology? I noticed that nobody did.
  8. Just Another Person

    I hope we get stuff done here guys. Thank you all.
  9. Just Another Person

    I'm here to discuss and learn more about Eastern practices which typically consist of cultivation practices and daoist wizardry, but not limited to these. I am a practicing magician, greeting to all fellows and ladies who practice too - a nod towards you all. I am learning Chinese and can follow basic conversations, and with enough time and a dictionary, I can understand passages, though it's better if I have a native speaker sit next to me and point out my glaring mistakes. I will probably ask many questions so that I can delve closer to the source Chinese texts than just being satisfied with translations in which some meaning is lost. Currently, I'm reading Taoist Master Chuang, and finding myself liking it. There is some pieces missing, but that is intentional - the key must either be transmitted or created. I find myself interested in the Chou I and the Ling Chi Ching too. Hi.