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  1. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    Haha! This!
  2. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    I'm researching tao ga style of kung fu and Dao Bums comes up on google. There are a lot of things posted on Tao ga, Maoshan, Andrew Lum, and Pat Moon. This description (underlined) of Andy is the best one so far. I'm looking for former classmates of Andy's and Pat's classes. I'd appreciate a message from any of you.
  3. Kunlun Portland 2008

    Has anybody on this thread had any connection with Andrew Lum's school in Honolulu? If you are i the Portland, OR area, I'd like to hear from you. When were you there, who were your classmates, and do you still practice? This includes Pat Moon's group too. Thanks.
  4. Tao Gar Practitioners?

    I read a long thread here about Tao Gar. I am wondering who was involved in that seminar in the Portland area that was mentioned and who the instructor, Max, was. Has anybody on this forum actually attended Andrew Lum's, or Patrick Moon's classes? I'd like to start a discussion on this with some folks that are interested. Thanks.