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  1. Observations on Invisibility for Self Defense

    Spotless, great post. I was wondering if anyone else besides Michael Sternbach was going to comment on their own experiences with invisibility as there are many methods. The method your talking about is easy to follow but difficult to execute requiring a long time to get a useful effect, however the method I use brings results very quickly. In the beginning, you need 30 minutes of practice before seeing an impact when your around people and as you continue to practice it takes less and less time for the effect you get from doing 30 minutes. You say that "the body of glass" is not a hidden method. Most ordinary people reject out of hand the idea that a person could be invisible without some kind of camouflage clothing... There are hundreds of public qi gong systems -- martial and healing systems-- yet no mention of specific invisibility techniques. What could you mean by "not hidden"? All mystical methods of invisibility can never be achieved or understood by the ordinary. And how useful any technique is depends upon a person's level and intelligence.
  2. Observations on Invisibility for Self Defense

  3. Observations on Invisibility for Self Defense

  4. Observations on Invisibility for Self Defense

    Dear Jim, You sound like the kind of person who thinks that Carlos Castaneda was making stuff up, or that the yogis who achieved the superhuman powers were hallucinating. This response is for other people reading this post. Any real advancement in the martial arts requires being skilled in observation and detecting and understanding subtle phenomenon, and there are many people in the West who will deny to no end the existence of "chi" and they could even say that qi gong practitioners are fooling themselves. Let's just say that "chi" is invisible to them
  5. Hi

    Hello to the TaoBums Community! For my first post just thought I'd say I've studied and practiced martial arts for 10 years, but its not how long you've studied its: how intensely you have studied and practiced who you studied and practiced with what you studied and practiced how open your instructor was in passing on his knowledge to you how much you understood, internalized, and expanded upon what you studied and practiced and was what you studied tested in dangerous situations. TheSunTheMoonTheStars