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  1. Favorite Daoist Quote

    Mount Hua Guo is a prosperous land, indeed here is a Poem to prove it: Fruits abundant in all four seasons Temples that are meant to last forever Shining with the glory of the Sun and the splendor of the Moon Living here makes one prosperous You can say that it rivals paradise
  2. Favorite Daoist Quote

    Evil spirits fear the As-You-Will-Cudgel Monkey King's weapon multiply in number 10 becomes 100;1000;10000 His weapons whirl and glide, thinking for themselves Their wild dancing fills the sky as if with dragons Monkey King roars with laughter conferring Buddhist Might!
  3. Favorite Daoist Quote

    Demons fear the Ruyi Jingu Bang The Great Sage's weapon multiply in number 1 becomes 10;100;1000 His weapons fly and think for themselves Their dancing fills the sky as if with Dragons The Great Sage roars with laughter showing True Power
  4. Favorite Daoist Quote

    The Way that can be spoken of is not the constant Way, The Name that can be named is not the constant Name.
  5. Anyone here familiar with this system or with Swami Satchidanand? I don't practice this but my friend does he made good progress with this system and I think it's a powerful system if you're seeking enlightenment. My friend is currently in one of Satchidanand's retreats, it's a 6 month retreat and it will be over by August.
  6. I've reached quite an advanced stage thanks to this system but I practiced other forms of qigong to complement it. I've had experiences that I think I can't share here for now but I will say this Chunyi appears in my dreams from time to time to share his wisdom with me or to give me some energetic transmissions. I love SFQ, I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for Master Lin and SFQ.
  7. Hello Dao Bums!

    Hi folks! I hope I can hang around here for a while.