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  1. LMP, SonOfTheGods, Mercury Fire Blood and Honey

    We always talk about get togethers but we're usually busy or solitary. If we do end up having a get together that isnt closed down for members only I'll buy you a beer bro haha
  2. LMP, SonOfTheGods, Mercury Fire Blood and Honey

    Spot on! Everyone believes things (...i hope haha) but are they the boss or are you? I use beliefs, methods and theories like I use tools. If I'm building a house its different tools than baking a pie ( again i hope ) Again, we are a magick based lineage. I believe in many gods, spirits, entities, etc. But none as a figure of worship.
  3. LMP, SonOfTheGods, Mercury Fire Blood and Honey

    Easiest way to think about it is that if it is a religion or established belief system we don't like it. The specifics and whys probably don't matter much if you're not considering joining or are a member. That's only if you're considering joining, though. We don't walk the streets at night looking to burn taoists or lynch christians. Although if one of our members turns out to be THE antichrist we'd probably organize a get together to celebrate. Maybe do some pickup mma bouts or have a bake/protein sale for an animal based charity.
  4. How would you infiltrate a cult?

    I'd develop my cooking skills, then volunteer to prepare meals after i got through the front door and established some cred. It's hard to go back to normal meals after you've been having amazing ones haha
  5. LMP, SonOfTheGods, Mercury Fire Blood and Honey

    We dont use your definition of "god" which would be extremely limited for our purposes. Keep in mind that we are not a taoist offshoot. As I've mentioned before we are, among other things, antitaoist.
  6. LMP, SonOfTheGods, Mercury Fire Blood and Honey

    We don't pretend to be chinese or trace lineages through random dead dudes. We are our own lineage. What others do is their own business. None of it affects us as long as they don't go poking around where they shouldn't anyways lol
  7. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    I'm obviously biased towards sotg and his school but he has always said his goal was to release material and for people to use it. When he said he was going to start charging a fee to be a member he stated it was in an attempt to build commitment and investment for people to start the techniques and stick with them. As far as I've seen that has been the case as he's refunded a number of people that he felt weren't actively working the material and then cancelled their membership. It seems to have worked out as he wanted as we have a decent amount of active people now making some strong "gainz" I've also seen where people have charged initial prices and then started selling all kinds of initiations, investments, cleansings, healings and whatever else they can get out of a person. To me that's pretty shady but if its how a person wants to spend their money then that's their business.
  8. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Something to keep in mind is that abzu, just like you thelerner, were lmp members but haven't been members under the new site. so although i won't say the opinions are invalid they are uninformed Price is 50 bucks a month. Never any additional charges. If you need help you're worked with as long as you're trying to better yourself. Thinking there is cult stuff seems rather silly to me, but everyone has their own opinions.
  9. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Good clarifications, thank you. Those are able to be overcome, just like belief and activity are also, but it won't be pleasant if you're not 100% pushing for it from every angle, i.e. family, habits, work, etc.
  10. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    I'll just jump in here with a warning Do not get involved with the system if you are involved with or believe in any religion, or that any god or entity is superior to you. Problems will occur.
  11. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Just to help clarify the ranting, lonemanpai is just as much antitaoist as it is antichrist. So if you're wanting to compare us to your ideas about "real" taoist monks you're gonna be making some nonsensical arguments. Which honestly seems to be the case anyways lol Going with that, our ideas on immortality may or may not coincide with yours.
  12. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Why is there hate on the mask? Ive always liked the mask. Its even smiling to be friendly.
  13. Why LonemanPai is just another fake alchemy website

    Haha yeah, it isnt like he hides anything. everything is peachy here! I finally realized i was trying to justify dave townsend being metal because i liked a couple strapping young lad albums, but i had to let that go and I've accepted he makes pop music now. Hopefully you're doing alright. A bunch of the bros were wondering how you were the other day. I figured if you needed to get ahold of any of us you'd just haunt our dreams until we came to find you lol
  14. Why LonemanPai is just another fake alchemy website

    Lot of salt on this thread haha
  15. Will anyone share the LMP secrets with me?

    Because multiple members are aware of what you're asking, so our egregore is aware. You seem like a decent guy, I'd steer elsewhere friend. And if you are not given them it is stealing. You can justify it however you would like to, but the egregore wont agree.