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  1. Maybe. Maybe not. What if the universe is your enemy, also?
  2. What if those higher dimensional beings are the enemy?
  3. This thread is ridiculous now. Anyone can get women. Anyone. If you're going to rate yourself as a man, say you're a 1/10 guy, start hitting on 1/10 women. Take a shower. Put on some nice clothes. Tell some nonrape and nondeath related jokes. Don't give up if a girl rejects you, just keep talking to more girls.
  4. Do you have any physical pursuits or hobbies? Do you get massages? You down with the ladies? Do you really really really like anime?
  5. This is just basically repeating my advice i gave initially, but I highly recommend not doing anything energy wise and allowing yourself to ground and balance out naturally. Fatty meats, spend time in nature, lots of rest, etc. When you see an athlete injure their shoulder do they immediately start working out their legs? Rest dude.
  6. You can't ban that full lotus fortune teller guy... the world couldnt handle the reprisal and commentary
  7. Energetic exchanges between direct lineage members and entities is a far cry from internet forum transmission rodeos.
  8. Also, if you're having problems with posture and posterior muscles check out foundation training. There's a free intro exercise called the founder on YouTube
  9. To minimize rambling, if you're experiencing kundalini like symptoms or issues you need to improve your hormonal health as best as possible. This isnt to say that you're not healthy in general, but if these things are acting up and you're sure they're not due to something else, you need to up your game. A focus on fatty meats and protein within a healthy diet, strength based bodily stress and proper rest and recovery will go a long way to putting your body into a place where the symptoms are minimized. Major things to avoid are any head based spiritual or philosophical brain bending sessions, vegetarian or low meat diets and normal unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, druggin and excessive sexin and masturbation.
  10. Hillarious reddit post titles!

    Yeah thats a pretty rough timeframe. Normally that's done in a weekend workshop.
  11. Eat more fatty meats and eggs. Stop doing any top focused energy or meditation techniques. Rest for at least a couple of days while doing these two things. After that do more strength related non-energy focused leg work in general, more strength training basically. When you start incorporating energy practices again focus ONLY on lower areas. No higher than abdomen.