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  1. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Qigong. Requires nothing but breathing and chi ...and multiple graduate degrees and a research team
  2. Who is Loneman Pai?

    got 99 siddhis
  3. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Ok this is great, but you still don't say whether or not you can light up a lightbulb.
  4. Who is Loneman Pai?

    So you have not. Just trying to clarify if your experience is hearsay or personal. As of right now i agree with sotg on electric chi. I can shock people but actual electrical items i can't operate. I imagine if a person can light a bulb then they would be able to power and operate solely through chi a number of items. I've interfered with and ruined electric devices but haven't solely powered them by touching them. Chi and electricity do seem to be different in this regard, even when it feels like I have powerlines connecting through me haha I appreciate the reply.
  5. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Ive yet to light up light bulbs, but I've ruined plenty of electronic devices lol How many have you personally lit up?
  6. Who is Loneman Pai?

    There's some pretty big nattys lately! Yeah, some lie about it, but there's some beefy and cut fellows out there all natural
  7. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Basically all of the rambling seems to go back to the point where lmp is not, as has been mentioned, an older taoist or eastern based lineage. Again, we are a magick based lineage that uses energy cultivation and neidan. You could do the neidan on its own and still receive results obviously, but you'd be missing out imo Also, lmp is pretty open about being roids free. Not sure how this is even a thought really... sotg isnt roid yolked at all. Yeah he's big but he wouldn't be plowing the fields with those nonjuiced traps lol
  8. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I'm not a messenger boy dude If you want to ask him something you need to ask him. Yes, relationships are important. They can be some of the best or worst parts of a person's life.
  9. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Well right off I'll say anything i want to. Lmp and sotg aren't like that. He asks us to keep things only in the school now, the egregore helps this, but if i had a really good reason to discuss specifics about what we do i have zero doubt sotg would be ok with it. I have no idea what that really good reason would be, though. The thing that keeps us silent is respect, not rules. Respect for sotg, the school, the family that has grown and not least or last for myself. That ramble is to answer your question. I can do some cool weird shit but the coolest and most useful thing I've gained is the school itself. I have a great and loving relationship with my family and friends and so am used to healthyand supportive relationships, but having a tight knit group of others that have similar goals, drive and ideas is amazing. Yes we're cultivators but we're occultists also. Most people you'll find involved in either will be at least a little bit isolated and odd lol. Both? That's potential psyche ward status.
  10. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I dont really think anything spooks that dude lol No, if you need to contact him you'll want to use the methods he has setup
  11. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I'm not asking him to come here man. We're all extremely busy trying to bring about the end of the world, ya know. Virgins to slaughter, blood to drink, illuminatis to direct... you know how it goes
  12. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Oh yeah. We talk on the forum, he posts update videos, help videos, texts members depending on what's what, voice chats, etc. I'm biased of course, but I've never understood how worked up people get about it. He's super chill.
  13. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Don't worry. He has other colors also
  14. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I think we just have different ideas on the matter. If I'm not going to look into a matter i don't pay it any attention to save time Edit: just to clarify as looking at my responses it might appear like im trying to argue about your viewpoint. Not at all. its weird when people just accept anything posted online
  15. Who is Loneman Pai?

    We encountered almost a full scale riot when members discovered that sotg doesn't actually live in a lamp I have no idea how people can trust anything in life when even the videos that they base their beliefs on can be untrue. Only way around that would be if there was a way to somehow experience these things. Oh well, maybe next life lol