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  1. Hi, I have been wondering if you ever experienced the different personalities/perspectives that exists within you. did you notice how life triggers shift you from one to another ? Some consider it as a fragmentation in consciousness, that happens when we experience a strong situation in the past and mostly in our childhood and so your consciousness would escape in itself by creating another self with a specific perspective of for example: fear. When I meditate, i do reach a stage of presence and awareness and also I feel that my mind is empty of thoughts but when I have to some work like create something or solve a problem..., I cannot remain in that perspective of nothingness and oneness and such and my answer would be allow it to be as it is and i will be fired from work hehehehe. I m now more like shifting between different perspective of life (sometimes consciously and sometimes triggers), but my question would be how to integrate them? or do I need to integrate them? What is your perspective about this perspective?
  2. Consciousness Fragmentation Repair?

    I believe that I exist, but existence is a projection. and reality changes based on your perspective. Because the same situation is scene differently by different people, based on their past experience and different perspectives. So essentially there is this subjective reality perceived by the mind. once you cannot touch, see, smell, hear objects. for you, nothing actually exist. I don't resist the voice in my head and I don't see it as something to get rid off or wrong or right. At the end it is pointing to something. My main question is when you have different thoughts that are conflicting, the voices that are conflicting, how to integrate them.
  3. Consciousness Fragmentation Repair?

    But isn't meditation a form of resistance ?
  4. Hi, I believe that everything in life exists in a neutral state. and its usage may lead to both positive or negative result upon intention. I was wondering, what is the positive side of: Attachment, desire, resentment, judgement and escapism. what is the negative side of: acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, authenticity, empathy, awareness, present moment. Also, what is the positive and negative side of your current belief/practice ? I believe the inability to find the positive in what we call negative or the negative in what we call positive reveals a lack in awareness and flexible perspective of life. Thank you.
  5. Hi All, I would to ask you on how is it possible for you to accept futile situations where you have to follow or do everyday a task that you think it is useless or you can do it in a better and more efficient way ? Example: being told that to go from A to B. but do that you should go from A to C then to B. So many times accepting such situation creates self hate since it feels like you are abusing yourself by accepting such tasks and abusing your intelligence. My question is how do you accept doing something not logical and repeat it everyday without getting angry or sad for doing it ? But also without feeling that by accepting and doing this, you are abusing yourself and your intelligence. Thanks.
  6. Accepting futile situations?

    the last time i did that, i got promoted to another department and better package and all. but I guess I need to accept things at a certain point and not easy to find another job.
  7. A New sense ?

    Hi all, hope you are having a great day ! So basically recently I have been feel in tune with a certain inner sense/intuition/feeling, i m not sure how to define it exactly, but i will try to describe it. This sense feels like a sense of inner knowing that this is what is going to happen and this is what should happen. this sense feels like confidence combine with heart, connected with life. I m struggling with understanding it mentally, and it is overwhelming me as it feels like it has a big scope and requires a big expansion of consciousness to realize it. Recently many weird things happening suddenly out of nowhere and such, that never happened before. did anyone go through such experience, if yes, can you please explain more this sense to me? and how did you cope with it? Thanks.
  8. A New sense ?

    then how to use the heart and not the mind?
  9. A New sense ?

    it is hard as the mind is what we mostly use.
  10. Been reading about people who shift reality or jump dimension. and what you people think about it and its possibility? Some may jump into different reality than here with slight changes, some with big changes, some to past and others to totally different realm. I know it can be understood from a perspective of escapism and avoidance of what is to a different reality where the problem is not there.... but again they end up having to face it in the other reality maybe. but why not do it maybe for fun rather than fear ? and how does it fit in the energy, tao and all that puzzle of the universe ?
  11. Dimension and reality shifters?

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this subject. 1) Though doing this for a bit time, it may result in a rise of desire to control and invincibility and thus lead to ego boost, ever encountered this ? How to maintain balance ? And can we help/support people using such tool? 2) Also, this makes me question, that when you shift reality, it means you are leaving a reality to another one, then what happens to your body in the other reality? Some described this as your body will be left on autopilot mode as your awareness shifts into different reality. Because it is perceived that you jump realities rather than you change what is. More like many possibilities are running together and you just jump from one to another. And then opens up the question to what happens to the people you know...
  12. Hi! , Lately been feeling that goals, targets makes me feel tied, and more stressed and affects all my decisions and life just to reach those goals. Once I achieve those goals or so, I feel free, relaxed and boost in my life, it feels like freedom from a specific direction. Can we just live for the sake of living and without any objective, target and direction in life and is it possible? I feel it is difficult for me, since having a target or a direction provide a sense of safety since you know where you are going and maybe have something to strive for? though i know these stuff aren't much healthy to have. The question is where would I end up if I have no goals, targets or direction in life ?
  13. Still people think i m crazy or not thinking right to not have something to live for or something to chase in life. Not love, not personal goals or anything... Can't we just live just for the sake of living or existing ? is there always has to be a reason or a cause?
  14. Dimension and reality shifters?

    the why and the how questions remain.... Why it might be due escapism or fun. The how... still not very clear how people shift and jump dimensions
  15. Dimension and reality shifters?

    interesting, but who believes in dimension jumping or shifting, they believe that all choices are running simultaneously, an infinite combination of possibilities are running at the same time, and all you will be doing is moving across them. I guess they also assume that awareness is what shifts, you become awake in the new possibilities that you shift to.
  16. yes basically not a personal goal
  17. it is not a desire or a need or want for him. it wouldn't make him more happier or less happier. it is not a goal, it is a compassion toward all sentient beings to be like him.
  18. I m not sure it is possible to have a goal and just not worry about achieving it or not, because you should work yourself out in order to achieve a goal... setting a goal it expresses a need, a want, a desire... which means something you wish to achieve, and thus not achieving it means you were not able to satisfy this need or desire and so it means a dissatisfaction. Also, since it is a need or desire you wish to achieve, it is hard not to worry in your journey regarding whether u will achieve it or not. and it is will consume part of your energy and thoughts.
  19. Hello, As I have been practicing and working on attachments and identity. I have reached a state where i have dis-identified myself with my inner self, thoughts, past and such inner stories of me. but now i m stuck with deriving a sense of self and identity from other people, as how people perceive me. I used to be more of an introverted person, but now i m more of an extroverted person, as the need to have an identity is itching and needed from outside Because i need a kind of purpose or a reason to move and live life. I m not taking the choice to release the identity yet, because in process of doing that, i started being sad, and feeling purposeless. Less motivate to live and no passion to life. I have nothing to live for or something to exist for which makes me feel useless and why i exist? Any help or suggestion is appreciated.
  20. Thank you ! when i get ready to start new teaching, i ll tell you , I just don't want to keep running from a teaching to another. I need to stick to one, and fix things accordingly. I ll try this, and see how it goes. Thank you !
  21. hmm well i ll try to be careful, i don't have much knowledge in other type of meditation. yes i try to keep focus on breath and move through the body and scanning from top down and bottom up, if a thought arises i try to go back to the breath, and so on.
  22. I have attended 10 days retreat vipassana, and 10 days from 4 am till 9 pm all day vipassana and such not something new to me, that is why i m still practicing it, didn't know it causes such troubles.
  23. being in the now and meditating, causes the top of the head and throat to tighten a lot and i guess it is the throat and neck that tightens and causes all the pressure on face and head.
  24. Thank you for your amazing post!! And yes, Pilgrim is right, i m doing fine now. it is phases that happens once in a while, of those questions that are hard to answer, and these questions' answers are experiences and cannot be answered through words or logic. I m back and practicing mindfulness and more of vipassana and such. I m having a tightness on throat and top of the head that is frequent lately, but will continue on practicing. My questions in my main post were more of life contemplation and it may sound suicidal, but it is of self questioning and such. Thank you people for caring <3