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  1. Hi I've decided to start doing some research on Daoist practices and Tai Chi. I've set my mind on Dr. yang jwing-ming and his books. From where would you advice me to start , from what I've heard he has the habit of repeating a lot of information from previous books.I am considering "Qigong Meditation:Embryonic Breathing" but also something on the topic of Tai Chi. What would you guys advice me ?
  2. Greetings from the mighty Bakajici

    Hello everyone ! My name is Danet and I've been interested in energy practice and martial arts. I have trained kickboxing , wrestling , karate and wing tsun.I am in my twenties and my orientation nowdays is mostly towards the subtle energetic practices through which you can develop health and peace within yourself.I've recently stated doing the Microcosmic Orbit and some Tai Chi. I'm looking forward to exploring the energetic world deeper. Sharing and learning from you guys would definitely be part of the process. I hope we can all benefit from each other . That is it from me for now , hope you have a nice day. PS:I'm not a native English speaker please excuse my mistakes if any ... also I don't min corrections.