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  1. The Tao of disappointment

    Trolls give it away free no need to buy anything.
  2. I think you misunderstand the situation, most in our group remain silent rather than become targets. I do my best to remain as respectful as is possible. Were I not to do so I would quickly be removed as have many others in the group.
  3. "Removed"

    I am not going to post a link to the court documents here as they contain personally identifiable information, but anyone who knows his real name and address can find them quickly via Google.
  4. "Removed"

    His real name and real address show he was in court after these people claim he died.
  5. PPD Permission Request

    Hi, Originally quoting posts from other threads into different threads in my PPD resulted in my PPD being suspended. May I please request permission to quote a person from one thread in my PPD to another thread in my PPD, and then hide their original post? I am having some trouble with a certain member derailing a thread so they can prevent discussion on it. If this is not acceptable, may I please request forum permissions to move posts from one topic in my PPD to another in my PPD? Right now the best solution I have been able to come up with is starting new threads and renaming the old ones, but this seems less than ideal. Thanks very much in advance.
  6. "Removed"

    Then they dragged John's dead corpse or yang spirit into a court room as part of a lawsuit. John's real name and real address are part of some court documents you can find online searching for them. I think most likely your teacher is mistaken.
  7. "Removed"

    So you remember that your teacher told you this, but you do not remember when your teacher told you? Did he tell you this last year in 2017, or the year before in 2016, or the year before that in 2015? Etc.
  8. "Removed"

    Do you remember when your teacher told you that he died? (Not the date of death, but the date your teacher told you?)
  9. "Removed"

    That was 2016 I am still curious if siryuris teacher agrees with that time frame.
  10. "Removed"

    According to your teacher what year did he die exactly?
  11. "Removed"

  12. "Removed"

    Chang is a fictional last name. A newspaper would refer to him under a different name if he really died.
  13. "Removed"

    "it was reported in the local newspaper that he "died" a couple years back." Any links to back that up?
  14. Looking for something real

    "people who wrongly believe that they can trust their own experience" Ultimately we are creatures of our senses. What we personally see and experience along with objective video evidence to record the event exactly as it occurred is the best we can do. "one can be fooled by frauds" When it's only you and the camera rolling, and you are reviewing footage of an event, it will reassure you a bit that you aren't hallucinating. "stubborn refusal to consider the fallibility of our naive ways of viewing the world is a form of wilful ignorance." "Ilovecoffee is a good example. The video doesn't rule out fraud, and I have explained many times over why that is so. But it doesn't have any effect. Nothing ultimately rules out fraud. 100 scientists and medical doctors, x-rays and whatever else you want to throw at it, and someone somewhere could still argue John was a fraud because one of the researchers was in on it. We can only do the best we can do, and present the best objective video evidence we have. I believe the researchers gave it their best effort to rule out fraud, but if you believe they missed something that certainly is your prerogative. His will to believe is too strong to seriously consider the possibility that nothing paranormal occurred." Nothing paranormal occurred. There is no such thing as the supernatural, nothing above or beyond what is natural. There is nothing paranormal, above, or beyond what is normal. There is only the natural and normal universe. Anything that exists or occurs here is purely natural and normal. That does not mean we understand reality any better than they did in the 1400s when it would have been considered supernatural or paranormal witchcraft to talk over distances via radio-waves. We still have much to learn. "this form of self-deception is even applauded by New Agers who think it's enough when you "resonate" with a particular claim or theory to accept it as your "personal truth" and consequently ignore any factual criticism someone might give. After all: it's you personal truth. " No, you have us pegged wrong wandelaar. We are not hoping to encourage people to practice mopai because it resonates with them as a personal truth. We are hoping to encourage people to examine the objective video evidence, with scientists and medical doctors doing their best to rule out fraud, and then for these people to investigate the practice first hand. If they stay the course what they will experience is as real as anything else a person can experience. It is not based on faith or personal truth, or it resonating with you, but rather on directly observed events that occur during the training itself.