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  1. Mine would be: 1. All of Robert Greene's books. 2. The Tao of Pooh.
  2. Defining concepts: Good and Bad people

    This is my opinion... Being a good person or a bad person is purely genetic. People who are naturally bad must work harder to become good, since their natural tendencies are wickedness. But whether we are born with wicked tendencies or not, what matters is how we work with what we've got. As a Christian, I believe that the Lord God would take consideration with our individual genetic make up and judge us fairly as to whether or not we deserve punishment or reward. He is ultimately fair to us.
  3. What does it mean to be human? I've been reading The Tao of Pooh lately (by Benjamin Hoff. Great Book.), and I read the fourth chapter, Cottleston Pie. There it talked about everyone's unique "Inner Nature". I understand that as humans with varying personalities, we are all unique. Each one of us. But are there universal things about us that marks our humanity? Like, for example, as humans, we all desire to eat when we're hungry. This is normal. But what about our personalities and tendencies. What personalities and tendencies do we all have in common? Are we naturally cruel? Are we naturally gentle? Are we naturally evil? Are we naturally good? In other words, what does it mean to be a human?
  4. Christian vs. Hindu deities

    As a Christian, it is my opinion that Hindu deities are false gods who's main purpose is to trick humanity into believing they are the way to paradise.
  5. Should I convert to Taoism? I consider myself a Taoist Christian. However, sometimes I wonder if being a Christian is holding me back. For example... I avoid yoga and meditation, since I believe that they came from Hinduism, which is the devil's religion. However, if I fully convert to Taoism, I wouldn't have to worry about avoiding anything since I'm a Taoist, and have completely embraced such Eastern way of life. What are your thoughts?
  6. Is praying aligned with Taoism? I am a Christian, so I pray a lot. I was wondering if the act of praying is consistent with Tao. Or maybe it's not since praying can be seen as a way of resisting life. Because, well, you're asking for God to change things... Thanks.
  7. Help me create my own religion.

    Thanks everyone! I finally decided the name... Yahweh's Witnesses!
  8. Help me create my own religion.

    I'll write my own sacred text.
  9. Help me create my own religion.

    I believe in God. My religion would serve the One True God. That alone brings endless benefits. Blessings galore. On top of that, my religion will be easy to follow and have no contradictions.
  10. Help me create my own religion.

    This will be a Judeo Christian religion. Grass and mud won't cut it.
  11. Help me create my own religion.

    Please translate. What are you trying to say?
  12. Help me create my own religion.

    I'm already starting from divine inspiration. Last Sunday, I went to a Catholic church with my cousins and prayed for wisdom. A few days later, God nudged me to start my own denomination of Christianity. I am utilizing the people of this forum for my cause. I'm sure you guys have great ideas. And who knows? Maybe I'll make some of you into clergymen of my church. lol
  13. Help me create my own religion.

    How about The Church of Veezel?
  14. Who here lifts weights?

    Reviving this thread... I'm doing the Texas Method powerlifting program. It's working great so far.
  15. We can argue about the existence of God on a separate thread. lol. There is good reason to believe in a God, believe it or not.