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  1. Cultivating Chi/Energy for the novice

    Hee hee. Thanks. We love to read.
  2. Cultivating Chi/Energy for the novice

    Stillness, thank you so much for your sharing. I will try to source the materials. Wu wei Qigong sounds interesting. Now I am learning the Jade Emperor Embryonic Breathing, which is my first lower dantien development practise. I am feeling so much stronger now that my LDT is developing, even though I know I have a long long way to go. I have taken all advices to guard from energy loss and to mentally create an energetic shield which prevents bad energy transfer from ppl around me. Thanks to all for your advice and info.
  3. Proportion

    Oh yea, coz I tend to fall asleep while doing sitting meditations, so alternating sitting-standing fixes that for me.
  4. Proportion

    I've just started Taichi 6mths ago. I do zhanzhuang alternating with sitting meditations, as I cant last long in the standing posture. Alternating standing with sitting, and moving (Taichi) meditations help me to be able to practice longer, achieve deeper relaxation, and stillness. I am still learning the best way to cultivate my energies. So far this combo has worked well for me.
  5. standing meditation to help depression

    Taomeow, thanks for your explanation on how to develop the zhanzhuang practice and why it is important to push the limits. Its something I am working on right now. And you are right, sometimes when I can push through the discomfort (aching quads)... It gets to a stage when it becomes effortless. Like a runner's high. The energy just flows through the body....
  6. Spotless >> Becoming "high" is nothing - high in the head is the norm and those who have difficulty - real difficulty even trying to remove themselves from the high are often at the mercy of beings that would like to keep the party and higher out-of-control vibrations going.... Wow. Really hit the spot there, Spotless. And in a good way. I was there, high in that place. And the 'party' was starting to spiral..... Somebody came by, sensed the imbalance in my practice, then gave me a verbal smack. And set me on LDT work + Taiji. Not supposed to focus on higher chakras only. Thank God for the good people who cross my path. I stay grounded now. Tqvm.
  7. Nice sharing, ChiForce. I am a christian too (non-practicing), learning & practicing Taichi, and recently learning to live in the flow of Dao as well. Thank you for the reading recommendations. Agree with you that Dao exists as Chi. Leaening to appreciate this bit.
  8. Cultivating Chi/Energy for the novice

    Woohooo!!! Cheya, we have found our support buddies. Thanks for the explanation, Oldchi. Hello, Amazon!!
  9. Cultivating Chi/Energy for the novice

    Yea, Brian. That book will be in my reading list.
  10. Cultivating Chi/Energy for the novice

    Hmm... Now I do understand why. My teacher speaks in a cryptic way. Like Yoda. Not much in terms of explanation. It is my mistake not to take his words seriously. I only half-believed him. I didnt believe in chinese medicine or post-delivery confinement practices (oh shit!). I think THAT is the root cause the lower half of my body has energy blockages (at the 'kua'/pelvis) level. As for using my personal energy for healing - i dont actually do energy healing. I do western medicine-based soft tissue massages and lymphatic drainage. QUESTION : I often work with my hands on the patients and having a strong intention to heal them while I am working. Or I will bump into a stressed friend and instinctively want to give them a neck/shoulder rub. Will that lead to my personal energy being used up? I have my shifu and a spiritual healer tell me that I cannot do ANY massages for anybody, not even for my husband (he has the occassional backache). So, is it sufficient if I can modify my intention/mindset, as recommended by Spotless?? I am still figuring out how to set up a mental barrier/personal boundary too. Ps. I have already reduced doing hands-on work whenever I can. My taiji foundation is slowly building up. And yes, sitting meditation has helped me a lot to regain my health and balance - am learning from a proper Dao teacher now. So much safer to have guidance! Inner check - Why didnt I believe in chinese medicine and practices? It is because Western medicine and christian practices is all that I know. Oh wow. So now, it falls onto me to study deeper into chinese (and other) medicine practices, and the nature of chi (as I am serious in going level up in Taiji). Courage!!!
  11. Cultivating Chi/Energy for the novice

    Thank you for the elaborate explanations, Spotless & Oldchi. Grateful for the pointers.
  12. Cultivating Chi/Energy for the novice

    Oh, just one thing. I dont get the part about 'celibacy'. Heard my husband mention it before, but... Whats the explanation behind it??
  13. Cultivating Chi/Energy for the novice

    I get it now - Just becausse my intentions is good, it doesnt make it right. I see now why my teacher asked me to practice 'Detachment'. Previously I thought that being detached seems selfish. Now I understand that it means respect, for my Self, and for others. I have started reading up on Daoism too. I like the explanations by Robert J Coons. Currently learning the Embryonic Breathing System, and in just two days, I am already feeling 'flow' and happiness when I meditate. Such is the simplicity of it.
  14. Cultivating Chi/Energy for the novice

    Wow, Spotless. You just expanded my mind in more ways than one. It hits deep and TRUE. You have just explained to me what it means to be a TRUE healer. I appreciate it a lot. Taking note ...: Work on neutrality. No effort. No imposing on others. Be grounded and full of light. Thanks the tips, Arramu. Yes, having a bit of sunlight do work wonders for me!! I am also doing grounding on a daily basis now.
  15. Cultivating Chi/Energy for the novice

    I am sorry, Oldchi. I dont mean to be an ass. In fact, half the reason I posted on the matter because I wasn't sure if the notion of 'absorbing bad chi' is true. I was brought up in strict Catholic tradition and studied western medicine. My sifu and the ppl who told me about 'absorbing other people's chi' are obviously brought up in the traditional chinese tradition. So it is all TRUE??!!!!! *Oh,no, I am so shit!!* I know many of you are longtime practitioners and well-versed in the knowledge of such matters. I also wanted to hear if there are differing views. I am a bit conflicted in my belief, but for the most part, my head agrees with you. My heart needs to listen to my head. I am already learning and applying 'detachment', having read some Tao short articles related to my Taiji practice. And I will follow-up on your advice to protect myself and learn more on how to do all this safely. *going off to detox...*