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    Hello! I'm Tsentos, I found this site via fringechan.org. I'm interested in meditation and energy practices, but I'm note sure where to start, I need someone to guide me. What I'm looking for is something that I could practice daily and get better at. Lately I've been missing energy and vitality, I need a lot more to accomplish my goals. Also, I've been struggling with keeping a positive mental state, even just being in the present moment is hard, my mind tends to wander a lot, and it makes me forget important things because I'm absent-minded. I'm also interested in magick practices, alchemy, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, music, arts, etc...I like to read a lot so any recommendations are greatly appreciated. In a more general way I want to wake up and find enlightement, become more sensitive to energy, see what's hidden, experience something else (than physical reality...). Thank you