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  1. Hi everyone I have problem with my breathing practice, i just cant stop controlling my breath and the thought that if i am controlling the breath that i am waisting my time. I can't feel my breath at times too, i know i am breathing but the breath is so subtle that i can't feel it. The whole process of controlling my breath and the thoughts are so distracting that i feel lost in this practice. I have 2 questions if some of you could answer or give advice please. 1. What is the worst that could happen if i control my breath during my meditation practice? I know nothing bad will happen but will i be successful in my meditation practice?? 2. Should i maybe do a lower Dantien meditation that you can control the breath?? Thanks
  2. Third Eye Blind: Aphantasia

    Yes pm plz Jeff Thank you
  3. Third Eye Blind: Aphantasia

    Hi Jeff Could you please scan my energy body to see why i can't see with my third eye. My imagination is the same, i can think the red ball but don't see it. Thanks
  4. karma and emptiness- void-etc

  5. karma and emptiness- void-etc

    Hi Jeff What i found very interesting was the sentence: That motion can carry across what you might call "lives". What is lives in your opinion or what did you mean by what you call lives, like lives are something else?? Thanks
  6. Sound

    Thank you Songtsan, will look it up. Mindtooloud, i see what you mean but not the lyrics but the rhythm that takes me deeper in my mind and it still's and quiet my mind like nothing else...I hate it when a song sticks like you say, just horrible but i just listen to a other song and it takes it's place. Thank you too
  7. Sound

    Hi there I love listen to music and i feel like i can feel music in my soul. When listening to music i feel i go deeper in my mind and that i relax and forget all my problems. I am looking for a meditation like sound therapy or a practice can do with sound? Not really looking for a mantra meditation unless it's not unbalancing or un grounding, thank you
  8. Ghost immortality

    I have a question: What is the light that Ghosts that get stuck here have to go in? Is that the doorway to the spiritual realm and why can they go through on there own?
  9. type of path's on the site

    Thank you for your reply I think i know what your saying and you have gave me some idea were to start here. I have allot of reading to do and to go from there. I am not choosing a path just yet and going to see were it takes me from here on the site. I will try to stay in the moment and what i think you are saying is the quality of the moment is what is important and that is something i hope to improve on.
  10. type of path's on the site

    Hi I am new here i would like to know what this site is about and were should i start? What type of path's are here on this site?
  11. Hi there

    Thanks allot Will remember that and yes almost a year. Looking forward to learning here.
  12. Hi there

    Hello I have been in spirituality for almost a year now and love it. I was drawn to the site and i hope to be here for a long time to come. Hope to learn with you all and to get more experience and i just love talking about spiritual stuff and cant get enough!!! Hope to chat with you soon