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  1. simplify

  2. Three, 33 or more specifically 333 is my means of communication with my Higher Self. For me, three is the most important number. My father was a 3 life path and my sister is a 3 life path. 333 appeared to me. It showed me how to get back home.
  3. The 10 Commandments of Logic

    Thank you. Someone very close to me has been harping on about this particular topic for months. He just got back on it tonight, then I saw this. I love synchronicity. It gives life meaning.
  4. Yeah you're right. I had this nagging feeling the whole time I was typing that. The content isn't really applicable to many people and it's too over generalized. I should of typed a disclaimer. Also the dates and historical aspects aren't factual or even close to accurate... more like opinions and biased theories. Still VERY significant to me at the time. However maybe something not worthy of sharing. This is actually an issue I've been dealing with my whole life that Buddhism and Taoism are helping me overcome. Right thought, Right speech, Right action. I appreciate your feedback.
  5. I always reduce the the date to get a daily number. 3 - 27 - 2016 reduces to 3 - 9 - 9 and then further down to 3 - 3 - 3. Today's number is 3. It's speculated that Christ died at the age of 33 around 33 A.D. He was resurrected on day 3 after his death.
  6. Discussing Reincarnation

    I believe every living thing is reincarnated... or recycled energy. The higher level of consciousness we reach on Earth plane the higher level of spiritual energy we are when we die. Once we reach the highest level or highest vibration or frequency on Earth plane we eventually cease incarnation and become part of the Dao or Logos or God or whatever it is you believe. Heaven or Nirvana is a state of consciousness we reach while on Earth plane. It's the last level of consciousness we can reach on earth. As for Christian's... I wouldn't try having this discussion with most of them. There's a few open minded ones out there who will listen and not become offended, but I don't like trying to convince anyone of anything. They will come to it on their own if they're fortunate enough.
  7. numerology

    Songtsan- That's pretty neat. I have the same thing, except my number is 6 and the numbers I see everywhere are 333 and 33. I see 11 a lot too, but it all started with 333 and 33.
  8. numerology

    Nugali- Yes and no. I suppose you're referring to the metaphysical properties of numbers, which aren't technically scientific, but perhaps more relevant. I know for me personally, the metaphysical properties are more applicable to my life.
  9. Daoism and Western Esotericism

    If you seek to gain insight into both Western Esotericism and Kabbalah I suggest acquiring a deck of Tarot cards and start doing self readings. It won't take long, I promise.
  10. Hello, glad I found you all

    Bill Django?
  11. hello enlightening people

    Hi there. Hint: stop searching and allow it to find you.
  12. yo

    Hi Ed!
  13. Hello,everyone, this is lisa

    Hello Lisa, my name is Niki, I'm new here too.
  14. Hello

    Hi there!