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  1. Dan Tien commentary appreciated

    I notice that when my Middle and Upper dantiens are full, I'm very aware, comfortable, loving, and perceptive. HOWEVER, I'm way more vulnerable to the negative external energies. When my lower energy field exclusively is flowing and the upper two aren't as pronounced, I am energetically invulnerable. I believe this to be because of the Qi belt. Any advice?
  2. So I decided to do a Daoist diet for a month

    I think that you changed your diet too extremely too quickly. My diet went from root beer and taco bell to meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts while only drinking water, kombucha, unsweet green tea, and pre-workouts over the course of four years. I also went from a completely sedentary life style at 140 with 25% body fat to jogging, wrestling, calisthenics, and olympic lifting at 205 with 12% body fat. That's 105 lbs of lean weight and 35 pounds of fat to 180 lean and 25 fat but over the course of 4 years. With Neigong meditation. Shocking your body like that is no good. Next week, go every other two days with no dairy and see how you feel. Increase that to 4 days on, 2 off. 6 on, 2 off. Then remove it completely. the same with carbs, or fountain drinks, or whatever. The Yin deficiency can be resolved by pulling Yin up from the Earth by the soles of your feet. Also, be sure to check what of your five element indicators (ears, nose, mouth, tongue, and eyes) are giving your problems. Eat accordingly, but not solely.
  3. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    You know, I've thought a bit and meditated a bit on this line. In my Qigong exercises I've seldom used my hands (consciously) to guide qi... HOWEVER, I've realized last night that even when you're not physically moving your hands, your hands are energetically guiding Qi. In summation, you can move your hands without moving them in the physical reality. Wuwei.
  4. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Both. It's the same, interchange between yourself and the ultimate reality.
  5. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    About 3 years with a monk or two and 3 years solo. Traiteur is a cajun french mystic/healer. same thing as a Daoshi. And yes, you're correct; hands are great.
  6. Shamanic Experiences

    Wondering if anyone has studied into Tengri-Buddhist shamanic experiences from the Eurasian Steppes. If anyone would feel comfortable expressing themselves, feel free to.
  7. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    I'm not from a lineage. I've learned from traiteurs, Cajun french healers, before realizing that Cajun mysticism is actually Qigong. I felt the Qi moving before talking to Taoist monks and realizing that cajun healers and exorcists use Qi, so around 5 years of cajun teachings and 6 years of Neigong.
  8. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Oh, that really doesn't matter. Really, it's truly an illusion. there is no mind "moving" the Qi. We say this for terms of communication. Really, you are the Qi. You just ALLOW yourself to move through yourself from your feet up to your head and head to feet with arms interacting internally and externally. there's no secret, I think.
  9. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    You literally pull the Yin from the Earth through your feet. My opinion, I don't teach people to visualize Qi, because it seems, sounds, feels, imaginary. Qi is real, it's just that the Yin Qi isn't physical. I don't know what you mean by "manual".
  10. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    Focus on intake of Earth energy through the feet.
  11. Taoist rules of thumb

    Perfect. Be good and natural, like Lenny Kravitz. haha
  12. Hello.

    Thanks. I just got back on recently. Can you point me toward some good reads?
  13. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    There are truly no secrets. All things can be accomplished by cultivating a healthy Qi flow inside of yourself. You know the meridians and the organs; you don't need any knowledge to feel what flows where and what is blocked. Remove the blockages. Any manifested act is accomplished by moving with unmanifested Qi. Manifested disciplines like fighting, or any skill for that matter, serve to teach one how to move Qi in the first place. All you need to know is that Tao is the way and to move with it. Qi will be cultivated by moving with Tao. Be happy and cultivate Qi. God had no formula or magic spell for the creation of the Earth; he just spoke.
  14. Qi breathing will not slow the aging process

    We have entered an age where there is an extremely low amount of people who are adept with Qi. Perhaps there never were many to begin with. It doesn't matter now. The beautiful thing about our time is that anyone who wants to be healthy and practice Qigong. ginseng, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maca,= each about $10 a month Gyms=$10 a month (planet fitness) Qigong basic tips are on thousands of websites. And yet some who have a small understanding of Tao search for miracle tonics. Tao has no miracles. There's nothing you can do to unravel and understand Tao because as we all know "Tao that can be named is not true Tao" Tao would not be Tao if it contained the possibility of not being Tao. Ha! An Immortal can't tell you how to be immortal. Even If they could, they wouldn't. Xian didn't become Xian by attempting to become immortal, just as the Sage doesn't move Qi with force. One doesn't choose to breathe. If you let Xian go, you would be Xian. If you let age go, you wouldn't age. If you don't look for Tao, you will find it.
  15. Hello.

    well, I've never had any formal schools. I started working with Qi at a very young age even though I didn't know what It was. I've done some healing and some shamanistic traveling and mind reading without knowing what i was doing. Now I am learning basic Qigong, I've been doing it for a year or so. I'd be interested in learning from anyone who wants to teach me. I have read Tao Te Ching, Art of War, Havamal, Upanishads, Pali Canon... a bunch of good books. Really interested in Qigong technique.