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  1. Hi, like I said in the title I have joined this forum years ago. I haven’t posted for years. And my question is are there any sections in the forum where I can talk about our Heavenly Father and His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour? Thanks
  2. Hi, I am kind of slowly getting the picture of the Dao. However are there some sort of forces or force, like the Devil or Demiurge is in some other religions. What about the after life? What happens to good and what happens to beings with strong egos? Thanks
  3. And by the way, thanks for te guidance the rest of you.
  4. Hi dustybeijing, I am generally more interested in religious texts than in philosophical. I have looked into many religions and philosophical beliefs. I have listened to Dao De Jing ( I got audio from the site called scribd). And I do believe in Dao. From my experience philosophers( not all, but most these days), try to rationalise to much where reason doesn't apply. However, that's my view and I respect others views too. Thanks
  5. I want to order books. The books that I am interested in are the actual Daoist scriptures. So can someone please tell me what are the names of those scriptures. By all means, do tell me the names of good books about Daoism and the names of authors. I know about Dao De Jing and La Tzu(By the way, I can see my self aligning with it),but I am not sure about the names of the other or others. Religious Daoism is the one I am interested in my self. Thanks
  6. Thanks, all of you. I suppose I will just go with the truth. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone

    Thank you for having me Steward.
  8. Hi, I am interested in an opinion of practising Daoists as to when is it OK to say lies? If I was a German living in Germany during the second world war, I would lie about whether there are any Jew's hidden in my house in order to save their innocent lives. Yes, I know it's a pretty serious scenario, but In that case I am certain I would lie. Now how about if you are in a situation that's not so serious, but it would save an innocent from an unjust oppressive imposition on his/her life? But its a fairly big lie that has to be maintained for a long time. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone

    Hi, my name is Ervin and I have been seeking for a way for many years and Daoism seems to be it. My knowledge is limited to Dao De Jing, however, I am on a way to learning more. I have questions and would like to start asking them soon. Thanks