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  1. Stopping The Ceremony

    Try studioarcanis or some other occult forum. Jeff may be a good addition too
  2. Porn

    It's the same.
  3. Porn

    Not really. The Will is not of the body. The Will function is a very innate one. Quite like how sensual desire is the greatest (strongest) and most innate of all the mental afflictions non-realised people can experience. Will best grows in expression in the presence of a clear mind. In practical terms this means concentration. There are somewhat and definitely secret yogic techniques that increase ones Will. If you do chi building practices your will may not increase forever, immediatly. Over time yes but not directly. Because it takes time to assimilate that chi properly so that it is constructive enough to ones system to improve concentration. There is no over training of something so close to your innate nature just as there is no over expression or over use of your innate nature. If you get tired is because you're probably training your concentration and run out of chi or instead of cultivating your attention you are straining your muscles unnecesarily and wasting much mental energy unnecesarily. Modern Science is completly retarded in describing or attempting to describe, innate functions of beings/reality.
  4. Eating breathing will do the job theres lots of outlets but they dont matter as long as you control the sexual outlet which is gigantic all is good.
  5. Sounds like burst meridians/nadis to me. Not sure how to fix it exactly/directly. But keep accumulating chi and let it gather up in the system, exercise and eat healthy. The body will repair it. And stay celibate for a while until it fixes it; Proper Brahmacharya; it can help fasten the healing.
  6. YES. But I will argue, from experience too, exercise and semen trasmutation sadhana such as deep meditation, pranayama, etc. are much more important to the digestion process. From food to chyle>blood>flesh>muscle>bone>marrow>semen in a subtle state existent in all the cells of the body. Sitting for hours a day like they do in public education camps or office jobs is way worse than not chewing properly.
  7. Bone broth is a little secret in the fighting community for strength. I wonder if it's good chi directly, or indirectly through jing>chi ? Have yet to try this good food, myself.
  8. Dan Tien commentary appreciated

    I don't think they are full if they are not. You just have some free energy that you're circulating around. Keep where you will. For the average man his prana envelops his body like his skin does. For a chess player it accumulates in the brain. For a tennis player in the feet and hands. For cats and some psychic or intuitive people, male or female, it accumulates in between the eyebrows..
  9. Black rice always seems like a pretty good meal. Lots of chi, if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Absorption of mind. Focusing of the subconscious. To get there takes cultivation. The opposite is a crippled autistic person. They're the anti-flow.
  11. You have weak chi so digestion is tough on you. Just my answer. I think vegan is nonsense. But too much meat comes with toxins which need to be purified.
  12. For samatha jhanas absolute Brahmacharya with no breaks whatsoever. It's all about chi. In buddhas time they would achieve hard first jhana in minutes, hours or 2-3 days at most. Nowadays normal people need to reach it with momentum, constant more than 1h daily of practice advancing little by little daily until enough momentum has been build for the mind to absorb itself onto the target, then chi requirements decrease once you enter the absorption states. Most people focus on the breath. I found it tratak to be fastest method to progress with me, but probably most chi costly, breath on the other hand builds more mindfulness. But healthy levels of chi naturally improve mindfulness. Basically the jhanas require hardcore vitality and mental strength. Take the first samatha jhana for example, whole body orgasm, whole body shoots dopamine! think how tirying it can be have orgasm on tip of genitalia only. As for focus, while on the target focus on mental silence. Like when you are scared, mind goes quiet. That, you need. And try not to 'push' / strain on your target. Concentration truly is absorption not drilling into bedrock with a diamond drill. Have a statement before every session that will snap your mind into focus mode immediatly. Like mind focus on the [object], mind stay with the [object] or mind find flow/interest in the [object], mind be with the [object]. Hope this helps....perhaps try not to concentrate chi into places in your system/bindus if you're trying to reach jhanas, you're already directing all your resources to the mind.
  13. Trakata/Candle Gazing

  14. Jing Nourishment

    You can't drive or speak on the phone while in it : )) The whole body bliss will throw you out and will take time to adjust. You are also deeply changed/cleared of issues. So as you jhana you won't show much hate/ego/etc. Not that you have transcended those but they will be regularly cleared out deeply from you. I know a guy claiming to have mastered first few jhanas but hes very invidious.
  15. Jing Nourishment

    You trillions of thought which essentially are thought-forms. Energy structures. Mind gets frozen/stoned in them wasting energy to maintain them - their form. A meditator who can go into true hard jhana for example can get a nights rest in minutes.