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  1. You have weak chi so digestion is tough on you. Just my answer. I think vegan is nonsense. But too much meat comes with toxins which need to be purified.
  2. For samatha jhanas absolute Brahmacharya with no breaks whatsoever. It's all about chi. In buddhas time they would achieve hard first jhana in minutes, hours or 2-3 days at most. Nowadays normal people need to reach it with momentum, constant more than 1h daily of practice advancing little by little daily until enough momentum has been build for the mind to absorb itself onto the target, then chi requirements decrease once you enter the absorption states. Most people focus on the breath. I found it tratak to be fastest method to progress with me, but probably most chi costly, breath on the other hand builds more mindfulness. But healthy levels of chi naturally improve mindfulness. Basically the jhanas require hardcore vitality and mental strength. Take the first samatha jhana for example, whole body orgasm, whole body shoots dopamine! think how tirying it can be have orgasm on tip of genitalia only. As for focus, while on the target focus on mental silence. Like when you are scared, mind goes quiet. That, you need. And try not to 'push' / strain on your target. Concentration truly is absorption not drilling into bedrock with a diamond drill. Have a statement before every session that will snap your mind into focus mode immediatly. Like mind focus on the [object], mind stay with the [object] or mind find flow/interest in the [object], mind be with the [object]. Hope this helps....perhaps try not to concentrate chi into places in your system/bindus if you're trying to reach jhanas, you're already directing all your resources to the mind.
  3. Trakata/Candle Gazing

  4. Jing Nourishment

    You can't drive or speak on the phone while in it : )) The whole body bliss will throw you out and will take time to adjust. You are also deeply changed/cleared of issues. So as you jhana you won't show much hate/ego/etc. Not that you have transcended those but they will be regularly cleared out deeply from you. I know a guy claiming to have mastered first few jhanas but hes very invidious.
  5. Jing Nourishment

    You trillions of thought which essentially are thought-forms. Energy structures. Mind gets frozen/stoned in them wasting energy to maintain them - their form. A meditator who can go into true hard jhana for example can get a nights rest in minutes.
  6. It is also essential to keep this in mind all day and in sleep. Allow the force you wish to gain to gain ground in the very depth of your mind. Kasina practice, bardons astral elements....the mind is huuuge, use all of it not just the surface where your awareness dwells. The soul is infinite potential.. your elemental force can be held in your macrocosm through the amount of fluid in your system or in the microcosm in your soul : )
  7. Does music deplete qi/jing?

    Brahmacharya, sungazing and earthing.
  8. Second Income? Compound Interest?! HOW DO ADULT??

    Try some internet marketing forums. Warrior forum, black hat world, enterpreneur/business reddits , etc, LOA it too, set a definitive goal with a date and stop smoking and drinking and having selfpleasure sexual activity as a magickal fuel for your goal. Then set another goal and scale. Where theres will theres a way
  9. Does music deplete qi/jing?

    Mind is not thought. Thought comes from mind. But thought is made of prana. Mind only programs the prana. When mind is not controlled such as in that case, prana is directed outward thus not reacting with the mind to create thoughts, so for a short while it seems quite inside there. I enjoyed reading this threat. It strenghtened my understanding. And I really like the quote small hermit lives in the mountains. Big hermit lives in the city. Piccolo and Goku anyone : D Basically you have to consider you consciously only are aware ~5% or less of your sensory input (6 senses here, mind/thinking is the 6th and a kind of core sense, as the other 5 pass through here...more like 5 external 1 internal). The other ~95% is subconsciouss. Besides this input you also have huuuge deposits of subconsciouss activity going on inside, equivalent to Amazons warehouses. It's all very taxing on energy. I'm unbalanced and out of training right now. But I did achieve a high level of mentation with tratak a couple months back and now I'm working through Jeffs vibratory energy system which is clearning away issues at a subconsciouss level . Clearing issues leaves me relaxed and helps me to focus. It has a similar effect, just much more pronounced to body control training. Body control starts with sitting down and training to keep the body completly still through staying relaxed not stoned tension. Old time strongman Alexander Zass, if I remember well, used to talk about this, relaxation of muscles / mind-muscle connection / muscle control improves concentration. Basically you do some body control/muscle relaxation training and you will have less thoughts, thus more clear mental screen/field/voice and better concentration. But you can take this very far. Because like I said you have something equivalent to Amazons Giantic Warehouses inside you, full of issues that tax your energy. Samatha (through tratak) had a similar effect and as well as perception training. So, when people talk happy there is still sadness that a sage (whos got a muuuuch more clear consciousness) can hear. When they cry there is still some hope, faith and happiness that a sage if s/he were to listen to it would hear it. The mind for non sages is everywhere. You struggle to concentrate because your mind is everywhere all the time, stretched and diluted. So when you are sick/tired/fatigued and struggle to concentrate or have mental fog is not that your mind is tiny, it is infinite but you do not have the power to tense it anymore, or just enough to experience 'clear mind'. You do not have the energy to expend further. This subtle control of mind and prana and viriya should be undertaken all day while not in meditation. Do not allow your mouth to run loose. Do not dance with your limbs when you talk to someone. In yoga they call these outlets indryas!. Control the indryas! Control mind! Control of indryas (mind, prana and virya) is also a very powerful boost to Brahmacharya, even more so than regular exercise, if you take this far enough. And Brahmacharya here not to "semen retention" but staying content, and gathering and harmonising/assimilating resources. So when you ask the question in the title...for a normal person with barely any cultivation/meditation progress, theres little they can notice and correct without meditation and cultivation progress. So such a person the answer would be joeblasts, go to bed 1 hour after sunset latest when you can and never beyond 11pm and stop sitting down. Stand up or squat. Watch your mind, are you attached to any sound in general, or the music you are listening to? If so then you're loosing resources. Sages have cleared so much, this is why you hear them of still having personal desires dislikes/likes but when it comes to the work they do not get attached to anything. No one is saying do not enjoy the music. But can you just enjoy the music without masturbating on all kinds of levels to that sensory input? Can you take a decision without masturbatingly shooting energy and attaching to all kinds of constructs/feelings/passions/etc ? As a normal person aka inteliggent animal you can not. So you must go back to cultivation, if you wish to rise above sometime. EDIT: This is also related to Bardons elementals/elemental balance. "Balance is the hardest state to achieve because balance is immortality" . Start small, meditate and cultivate and do your best with balance at the moment. When you advance in cultivation and meditation the subtle will not be subtle anymore :). Take very mundane example of the concept presented in this whole post/threat. You're doing "semen retention"/nofap and you go into a studio with like 5 TV around all playing some p0rn. There will be attraction, disbalance, etc. A sage would go in there and come out like he just spend some time in the mountains meditating with mountain goats or something : p This is why if you meet some kind of teacher/aghori with unique cultivation/abilities saying the buddha achieved enlightement but not able to keep ego while he did and was able to keep it and still has lust s/he is foolish and blinded.
  10. Is this MoPai?

    Yes of course, but I used term "MoPai" to refer to its relatively unique internal power developing practices/results. I mean theres lineages/masters teaching to achieve John Changs results. Let's not get too intellectual oriented and use our common sense. I'm sure you all know what I meant there The tile of the book sounds like level 4 (or 3) MoPai. The union of yin and yang chi. I haven't gotten to reading it, so I thought I would ask my fellow cultivators while I'm busy with other things at the moment.
  11. Is this MoPai?

    Is this book about MoPai / Neidan ? Union of Bliss and Emptiness: Teachings on the Practice of Guru YogaPaperback – 15 Jun 2009 by Dalai Lama VI (Author),‎ Thupten Jinpa (Translator)
  12. Shifting timelines

    I understand you have to access kether
  13. Negligible. Feel his words, they have a charge to them which cannot be forged with entities. Actually you will find the charge to have many qualities at the same time. Perhaps he is not fully enlightened but you bet he has everything you have ever seen combined and more.
  14. So I just got back from a 1.5 month trek thru India, visiting various holy sites, solitude, intuition, practice, and trying to get to what a friend told me was a fully enlightened Buddha who was teaching at the foothills of the Himalayas, and I found him, here's what he had to say: I found him through word of mouth from a friend who is in India on a year long pilgrimage, who has access to an area of the Himalayas where there are caves with Masters meditating in them, being brought food & water by an ancient order/organization of people from small villages who have been donating to those seeking Enlightenment in the caves for over a thousand years now. Some refuse to see or teach people. Others have asked to be completely shored up in the caves with rocks/bricks and not to be brought food or water anymore, only to emerge a decade or two later still alive and full Enlightened. Somewhere else it mentions that these people choose the Hymalean mountains because it is more quiet there and there's many people who will give them food as well as keep them protected/hidden. I don't remember what exactly but I remember there was something else on the dharmaoverground thread of this (google it) that is not in this one. Might wish to check it out
  15. Brahmacharya in a healthy environment can lead to MoPai like results. I think its wrong to say buddhists and hinduists cultivate low level methods. I may be lacking knowledge; from what I know hinduists are overcrazed with samatha style mental development. Even from the beginning of sadhana.