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  1. I learned the eight pieces brocade from dr Yang jwing ming. This above form looks like it has a different strategy than the eight pieces. The eight pieces is designed to stimulate the circulation in the internal organs. The movements are more fluid. I see that some of the movements in the video are reminiscent of tai chi qigong, even having the hands in the tai chi sword shape. Looks like it could be very good if it were done properly.
  2. Why Daoism over Buddhism

    As a philosopher I was drawn to taoism. As a martial artist I train shoalin arts as well as tai chi which was a system organized by a taoist monk. In martial arts each system has a different strategy. For instance buddhist breathing is normal abdominal breathing and taoist breathing is reverse abdominal breathing. These two strategies each work to help cultivate chi, but in my experience taoist breathing works faster. It seems to me that all religion is really striving to unite man with the infinite. Taoism seems to do this without the need of a man like god. Many pantheons have been created with god being made in the image of the men of that religions day. Buddha was a indian prince, and raised a hindu so he spoke in those terms. Jesus was a jew and so he spoke in those terms. Lao tau was neither and spoke without religious affiliation. Each master seems to have created a following where people look to someone for help understanding life. This for me seems counterproductive. For me I use the experiences of those masters and look inside myself to understand life.
  3. Dr. yang jwing-ming's best book to start ?

    I'm a student of dr yangs and I would recommend the essence of shoalin white crane as a great first book. He gives proverbs passed down to him from his white crane master that I found very motivating as a martial artist. The embryonic meditation book was very thorough in its translation of ancient documents but I wouldn't recommend it as a first book. Also I must agree that tai chi cannot be learned through a book or dvd. I practiced for a year alone in the mountains with a dad and book and when I trained with different dr yang I had to start from the first move again. I would suggest finding a seminar or retreat near you and investigating the instructor to find the right one for you. Make sure they know the martial applications and that they have been instructed from a proper master. Good luck my friend
  4. Hey bums

    Hey I'm a beginning bum. I'm a daily meditator and am a martial artist. I'm hoping to get some good tips on conserving essence and some deeper alchemy techniques. I've been here before only briefly and enjoyed the discussions. Thanks, that it!