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  1. Hello, looking for guidance

    Yes, my message was meant for the OP, Gyoko. Sorry about that.
  2. Hello, looking for guidance

    Hi Marblehead, it sounds like you may have activated the Kundalini energy. I would suggest being careful with continuing further meditative practices particularly without a teacher to help you if needed. I had a Kundalini opening/crisis myself due to Shaktipat earlier in my life and was just practicing Taoist Nei Gung at the time. Those who have not had a Kundalini awakening may assume it's just a Chi deviation that needs to be balanced out through further practice. That may be true, but this could have detrimental effects. There are teachers out there who have worked with many people who have had a Kundalini opening. Bonnie Greenwell and Tara Springett are 2 that come to mind. I hope this helps and wishing you all the best on your journey.
  3. Hello

    Hi All, I've come across a couple paths and teachers over the last decade or so. I met a Taoist master and learned exercises and meditation from his Nei Gong system in 2005. I had been inspired by Yogic bliss type paths for a couple years prior to 2005. I received Shaktipat in 2007 from a Yogic Guru. I did not understand it's implications and the fact that it would conflict with doing Taoist exercises. Long story short, I've dealt with a life altering Kundalini crisis since last June. My intent for joining the group is that I feel compassion and can empathize with others who have had a Kundalini Awakening/Crisis. Perhaps my experiences could be of help to others on this thread. I'm not marketing a business, not a therapist etc. Looking Forward to Beneficial Dialogue!