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  1. Hello Truth Seekers

    I am here to expand my quest for Truth. While I am by no means versed in an extensive array of schools, philosophies, esoterica, etc. my yearning to experience the transcendent or beyond knows no boundary. I have seen things that have decimated my former understanding of this reality, and find symbols in daily happening that capture the attention of my conscious mind while speaking to my unconscious aspect. In my current form, I have neither the knowledge nor wisdom of the savant or sage. What I do possess is an intimate relationship with my Heart and Spirit; two powerful facets of the totality of my being. In this journey, I have dealt with the oppression of an enigmatic force that embodies the antithesis of virtue. They are the agents of untruth -- fragments of universal consciousness that take abode in the dark crevices of human depravity. Entertainers and sorcerers of the perverse and wicked. Incessant they remain in their denial of the inseparable connection to all. Their hearts are cold and withered, locked in an asylum where madness guards their keep. While their cunning is impressive, they're severance from Truth renders them inept. That is all I have to say about this antagonistic feature of consciousness and awareness in the human experience for now. I am still within the first quarter of becoming a centennial, so I have much to learn and experience further and surrounding what I have already. The way of the Tao resonates with my measure of reality, in a world so skewed by uncertainty and disinformation. I remember when I began to discover the more recognizable aphorisms by Lao Tzu, it echoed in my mind as I contemplated his wisdom. "The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao", and the like resonated with me as I've gazed upon the landscape of the natural setting. How beautiful in his language; how content in my observation. My other subjects of interest include Gnosis and Neoplatonism, esoterica and the mystery teachings, as well as Jungian Psychology. I make no claims on Truth, because Truth is formless. It has no construct. No limitation. Its essence escapes the scope of perception of the common person. It moulds everything, yet eludes our concerted efforts that rely on outdated reasoning. I dissolve expectation, and proceed from humble ground. -'Shen' "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." -C.G. Jung